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Short Answer Questions

1. In "For Owen," what is the name of the street passed while walking to school?

2. What does the captain of the rescue ship do when Rand refuses to leave?

3. What items got Gramma fired from her job?

4. Richard Pine's story details the accounts of whom?

5. Where did Richard Pine grow up?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do you think the story "For Owen" is about?

2. What do you think would be the worst part of being afflicted as Brower is in "The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands"? Use examples from the text to support your theory.

3. In "Nona," an innocent and once-upstanding man falls prey to the wiles of a sadistic, evil woman. Giving in to his "darker" side, he performs obscene, despicable acts at the whim of Nona. What do you think King is trying to say with this short story?

4. What is an example of a metaphor used in "Beachworld" and what comparison is it trying to convey?

5. What is the significance of the opening in "The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands"?

6. Richard Pine is a man who has made his fortune as a surgeon with his hands, but the rest of his life has been shady and complicated. However, through it all, he protected his hands. How do you think he felt when his hands were the only things he had left, and he was faced with eating those for survival?

7. There is a rumor in the family that Gramma did something to Franklin to make him die. Do you think the family is just overreacting to their guilt and loss by blaming it on Gramma?

8. What is an example of personification in the story "Beachworld"? How does it affect the story? Explain why you chose this example.

9. Rocky is dismayed and angered that the milkman, Spike, impregnated his wife. Spike seems not the least bit intimidated, possibly even enjoying Rocky's discomfort. Do you think Spike did what he did in order to specifically anger Rocky, or do you think Spike doesn't care what anyone thinks?

10. Think about the setting of "The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands." How does the setting of this story add to its scary feeling?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The general atmosphere created in a story is often referred to as "tone." Identify the tone of the following short stories and describe how it adds or detracts from the story itself:

1. "The Mist"

2. "The Reaper's Image"

3. "For Owen"

4. Either of the "Milkman" stories

5. "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut"

Essay Topic 2

The "willing suspension of disbelief" is a formula for justifying the use of fantastic or non-realistic elements in literature where the writer infuses a human interest and a semblance of truth into a fantastic tale, encouraging the reader to suspend judgment concerning the implausibility of the narrative. The horror genre must often employ this method to keep a reader's interest. Choose an example of willing suspension of disbelief from one of the stories in "Skeleton Crew" and outline how it employs this formula and why it works for this particular tale.

Essay Topic 3

Stephen King is most well-known for his horror novels and stories. The majority of the stories contained within "Skeleton Crew" are no exception. However, there are a few stories which do not fall within King's typical genre. What do you think King's purpose was in including these off-genre stories in a book that is obviously intended to be horror?

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