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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Deke spot on the surface of the lake?
(a) Dead fish.
(b) A dark shape that resembles an oil slick.
(c) Blood.
(d) An overturned boat.

2. Where is the setting of "The Raft"?
(a) Lake Erie.
(b) Lake Ponchatrain.
(c) Whitewater Lake.
(d) Cascade Lake.

3. Who has passed away in "The Monkey," prompting family members to clean the home?
(a) The grandfather.
(b) The uncle.
(c) The grandmother.
(d) The aunt.

4. What is "the jaunt"?
(a) A chemical journey.
(b) A super fast train.
(c) A rocket ship.
(d) A type of teleportation.

5. What was Mrs. Todd obsessed with?
(a) Finding the perfect monocle.
(b) Finding a time machine.
(c) Finding shortcuts.
(d) Finding out who her husband was cheating on her with.

Short Answer Questions

1. What society does Brent Norton head?

2. What ultimately happens to Charles's teacher?

3. Who is the inventor of the jaunt?

4. Who is Jonathan to Richard Hagstrom?

5. Where did the inventor of the jaunt make his discovery?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Here There Be Tygers", Charles returns to his classroom casually after the deaths of his teacher and classmate. What do you think this implies about what Charles has just experienced?

2. The creator of the teleportation device used in the jaunt first experimented with mice. What is the significance of the first trip taken by the mice?

3. What is the significance of the "Execute" button on the word processor, and how does Richard feel when looking at that button for the first time?

4. Stephen King is apparently trying to make his reader think when reading "The Jaunt." Do you think King wrote this story with that challenge in mind, or do you think he wrote it for pure entertainment?

5. In "Word Processor of the Gods," what do you think about Richard's choice of his brother's family over his own? Is a choice made of faithfulness or greed?

6. What significance does the word processor hold for Richard after Jon's death?

7. What seems to be the catalyst for Curt's break in sanity?

8. What seems to be the factor linking Mrs. Todd and Homer?

9. What is the implied source of the infestation in "The Mist"? How does he make this implication? What do you think King is trying to say with this implication?

10. While Randy is trying to save Deke from being sucked between the cracks in the raft by the black, oil-like creature, what is Randy doing to try and stay sane through the unbelievable situation?

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