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Lesson 1 (from Introduction & The Mist)



(Instructors, please note that there will be one Public Speaking part to most daily lessons. It can be assigned to a particular student in advance or left to a volunteer basis.)

Stephen King's introduction is curious and slightly rambling. He bases the entire introduction on a an interesting conversation with a friend. The objective of this lesson is to examine King's method and what purpose it might serve.


1. Journal Entry: Though he is well known for his unconventional writing, King's introduction is unusual. Why do you think King uses such a method as his introduction?

2. Class discussion: King seems to be surprised by "Wyatt's" suggestion that writing short stories is not a lucrative pursuit. Once he has completed "Skeleton Crew," however, King finds a twisted sense of justification in getting paid for a series of entertaining "what ifs." What does King mean by the...

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