Skeleton Crew Character Descriptions

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David Draytonappears in The Mist

This character is a commercial artist who lives in the small community of Brighton, Maine.

Mrs. Carmodyappears in The Mist

This character is an antiques dealer in the local community and is rumored to be a witch.

Stephen Kingappears in Introduction and Notes

This person is often thought of as a master of the horror genre.

Ophelia Toddappears in Mrs. Todd's Shortcut

In "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut," this character is compared to the goddess Diana, chasing the moon across the sky.

Brent Nortonappears in The Mist

This character and his/her neighbor have had past property issues, causing a rift between the two.

Homer Bucklandappears in Mrs. Todd's Shortcut

When visiting friends outside of Bells, this character tells a curious story relating to a mysterious joyride.

Randyappears in The Raft

In The Raft, this character is the last to die.

Maureen Scollayappears in The Wedding Gig

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