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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The lady directs them to the House of ________, where they can get a warm meal and a warm bed.
(a) Hailfire.
(b) Harfang.
(c) Harpoon.
(d) Handlefin.

2. The travelers see a group of Giants throwing stones at nearby _________.
(a) Birds.
(b) Children.
(c) Lions.
(d) Rabbits.

3. Eustace says that he is a friend of Caspian's and will not do what?
(a) Fight against him.
(b) Kill his son.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Fight against his son.

4. The children hear many stories about the Golden Age of Narnia when the _____ children ruled.
(a) Picadilli
(b) Puruvi
(c) Pevensie
(d) Peabody

5. The stranger tells the children he is a Marsh _________.
(a) Wiggle.
(b) Wobble.
(c) Wabble.
(d) Wibble.

6. Where is the door found that Jill and Eustace go through?
(a) The Ggarden wall.
(b) The attic.
(c) The broom closet.
(d) The cellar

7. The children are taken to Trumpkin, who is what?
(a) The Lord Regeant.
(b) The castle blacksmith.
(c) A jester.
(d) A prince.

8. One day, Drinian accompanied the prince and discovered that a __________ was visiting him.
(a) Talking lion.
(b) Beautiful woman.
(c) Ghost.
(d) Child.

9. Jill is upset because it is clearly whom that Eustace was supposed to talk to and now he has missed his opportunity?
(a) The king.
(b) The queen.
(c) The captain.
(d) The first mate.

10. What can Trumpkin not do very well?
(a) See.
(b) Hear.
(c) Walk.
(d) Smell.

11. The children spotted a ________ when they saw the lights in the distance.
(a) Tall tower.
(b) Green meadow.
(c) Huge ocean.
(d) Flat hill.

12. Who do the owls think would stop the children, if the plan was discovered?
(a) Drinian
(b) Caspian.
(c) Aslan.
(d) Trumpkin.

13. The travelers walk for several weeks, killing ______ for food and sleeping on the ground.
(a) Rabbits.
(b) Birds.
(c) Squirrels.
(d) Deer.

14. When they arrive on the opposite side of the bridge, they run into a beautiful lady and a ________.
(a) Pet owl.
(b) White knight.
(c) Dark knight.
(d) Pet lion.

15. A talking what greets Jill and Eustace, after Jill questions Eustace about recognizing people in the harbor?
(a) Owl.
(b) Cat.
(c) Dog.
(d) Eagle.

Short Answer Questions

1. The children can see the top of the flat hill where they crossed the night before. It is clearly the ruins of a city of what?

2. Jill is told to perform how many tasks by the lion?

3. After he pulls them out, Puddleglum asks Jill about the ________ and Jill tells him there is nothing to do with it here.

4. The place the children are going to is inhabited by __________, according to their new companion.

5. Who went on a strange adventure with their cousins?

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