The Silver Chair Character Descriptions

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Jill Pole

This person is a classmate of Eustace's at a school called Experiment House. Eustace comes to see this person and tries to cheer her up by telling her about Aslan and Narnia. This person wants to go to Narnia and Eustace calls out to Aslan, but before they can get an answer they must run from the gym due to an approaching group of bullies. Once they arrive in Narnia through a door in the garden, This person is no longer the crying victim but a brave young person who wants to prove their lack of fear of heights.

Eustace Scrubb

This person is the cousin of the Pevensie children: Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy. This person begins their time in Narnia by falling from a cliff in Aslan's country.


This person is a marsh-wiggle, a creature that is something between a frog and a...

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