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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4 Chapter 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom did Mr. Ford notice among the returning sepoys?
(a) several squadrons of lancers, trailing the green flag of Islam.
(b) the armies of several maharajahs.
(c) several groups of defecting Eurasians and native Christians.
(d) native farmers who had joined themselves to the sepoys.

2. What did Dr. Dunstaple look like?
(a) large and imposing.
(b) thin and intellectual.
(c) medium-build, with an athletic body.
(d) fat, his legs looking too short for his round body.

3. What does the Collector do after spending some time in his study?
(a) He goes to the banqueting hall for dinner.
(b) He goes to encourage the men in Dunstaple's battery.
(c) He goes to the church to speak with the Padre.
(d) He goes to comfort the women in the billiard room.

4. Who had formed the habit of sleeping clasped in each other's arms?
(a) the Collector's two eldest daughters.
(b) Louise and MIriam.
(c) Dr. and Mrs. Dunstaple.
(d) the O'Hanlon sisters.

5. What fascinates the Magistrate about Lucy?
(a) her breasts.
(b) her popularity with the men.
(c) her statuesque figure.
(d) the back of her head.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the women does Dr. McNab ask to care for the ailing Collector?

2. What happened to cause the sepoy attack to be repulsed?

3. Who is shot and dies in Chapter 30?

4. What shocked the Collector when he looked in the mirror?

5. What was "mendy"?

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