Objects & Places from The Siege of Krishnapur

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The Great Exhibition

An event held in London in 1851 highlighting inventions and advancements of the age.

The possessions

Personal objects of the British residents of Krishnapur used to prop up the ramparts.

The pariah dogs

Wild, nasty dogs who eat human remains during the siege.


The domestic dog that Fleury buys to give to Louise.


The military outpost several kilometers away from the British cantonment at Krishnapur.

The Ensign rifle

The rifle starts the sepoy rebellions.

The Residency

The main building in the cantonment.

The Cutcherry

A building containing thousands of stacked official documents.

The Fleury Cavalry Eradicator

A complicated and ineffective weapon.

The brass cannon

A weapon important in the defense of the besieged area for; Harry gives instructions on how to use it.

The chapatis

Piles of this round, unleavened bread arrive in the cantonment before the siege and the Collector views this as...

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