The Siege of Krishnapur Fun Activities

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Write a limerick about one of the more colorful or humorous characters in the novel, for example, the Magistrate with his atheistic red whiskers.

Painting or Drawing of a Scene in the Novel

Create a painting of a scene in the novel. You can use any medium, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, crayon, drawing pencil and use any style: impressionistic, abstract etc.

Invent your own Proverb or Maxim

Invent your own proverb or maxim which would be a general truth you feel was revealed in the novel. Be creative.


Use any style and write a poem describing a favorite scene or character in the novel or perhaps a religious viewpoint that the novel inspired in you.

Siege Board Game

Create a simple board game that represents the main events of the siege.

An Invention

Fleury invented a weird kind of spear. Can you invent something? Anything...

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