The Siege of Krishnapur Character Descriptions

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The Collector

The official who is in charge of the British community in Krishnapur who tries to keep the spirits of he British colonials up during the siege.

George Fleury

A dapper, romantic young man who arrives with his sister, Miriam, to join the British colonials.

Harry Dunstaple

Son of one of the doctors and brother to Louise, he is a young man with military interests who is manly and practical.

Louise Dunstaple

A beautiful, pale young woman who loses her vanity during the siege and eventually marries Fleury.

The Padre

The obsessive reverend who believes the suffering of the British community was brought on by God's wrath at their sins.


The Maharajah's son who represents the new generation of Indians who grew up under British rule.

Miriam Lang

Fleury's widowed sister who is reliable and practical and a good friend of Louise's.

Dr. Dunstaple

An old...

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