The Siege of Krishnapur Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part 1 Chapter 1 | Part 1 Chapter 2

• The novel begins with a description of the plain surrounding Krishnapur ; various characters are introduced including Mr. Hopkins, the Collector, the Magistrate, Fleury and his sister, Miriam, Dr. Dunstaple and Louise Dunstaple.

• The Collector feels that trouble is brewing because of the appearance of boxes of chapatis and decides to build a trench around the Residency.

Part 1 Chapter 3 | Part 1 Chapter 4

• Harry rides out to accompany Fleury and Miriam and the dog Chloe to Krishnapur.

• Fleury and his sister are invited to the Residency for dinner where Fleury and the Padre argue.

• The next day Fleuy is frightened by the jackals and a statue of an Indian God.

• The Collector and Dr. McNab survey the mud ramparts that the Collector has erected.

• A week goes by and news arrives of a massacre in Delhi

Part 1 Chapter 5

• The Collector and Miriam take a tour of the...

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