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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What indicates to Wendy that all is not right with Danny?
(a) He is tired all the time
(b) She thinks he has lost weight
(c) He chatters non-stop
(d) Bad dreams every night

2. What does Hallorann always smell before he shines?
(a) Lemons
(b) Chicken cooking
(c) Oranges
(d) Pine trees

3. What is Jack's conclusion as the reason he called Ullman?
(a) To be fired while there was still time
(b) To report a boiler malfunction
(c) To generally keep in touch
(d) To ask if he could stay on after next May

4. What does Dr. Edmonds say Danny possesses?
(a) Very good memory
(b) Emotional instability
(c) Scattered illusions
(d) Extraordinary human perception

5. What phrase by Ullman echoed in Jack's mind?
(a) The winter silence is soothing
(b) You will not regret it
(c) You lost your temper
(d) Winter is wonderful at Overlook

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Wendy react when she realizes that Jack really didn't hurt Danny?

2. What does Jack notice when he hears a noise behind him in the topiary?

3. What does Jack find when he first pulls back the shower curtain in Room 217?

4. Why is Watson lingering in the lobby after staff has departed?

5. What is it that scares Danny before his shine ends at the curb?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Wendy change her mind about divorcing Jack?

2. Describe the Overlook's cook, Halloran.

3. Describe the woman Danny sees when he enters the bathroom of Room 217.

4. What does Danny's mother tell him about Tony?

5. Why does Wendy decide to make Danny an appointment for a physical in Sidewinder?

6. What view do the Torrance's see as they look out the window in the Overlook Hotel?

7. Why does Danny grab the guardrail and become faint when the family is looking at the Overlook Hotel for the first time?

8. What happens to Danny when he concentrates, thinking very hard?

9. What incident occurs that causes Jack to dislike the Overlook Hotel?

10. What does Stephen King compare the Torrance family to as they go into the hotel during the snowstorm?

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