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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Danny tell his mother when she asks him to ask Tony if they should leave the hotel?
(a) He says that Tony can't come anymore
(b) He says that he is mad at Tony
(c) He says that he can't make Tony come
(d) He tells her he doesn't like to talk to Tony

2. What is Jack thinking as he gazes at the wasp nest?
(a) One of the smallest he has ever seen
(b) The bug bomb might not be effective
(c) Danny will be in danger while playing on the lawn
(d) Symbolic of his life's experiences

3. How does Jack feel about Danny going into Room 217?
(a) He feels Danny should be punished no matter how scared he is
(b) Angry that Danny stole the key to the room
(c) He feels it is okay if Danny went into the room
(d) He doesn't blame Danny for going into the room

4. How does Al Shockley react to Jack's idea about writing a historical book about the Overlook?
(a) He loves the idea
(b) He wants to be mentioned in the book
(c) He is critical of the idea, telling Jack to forget about it
(d) He wants Jack to begin the book right away

5. As he ascends the basement stairs, what words of Watson does he recall?
(a) This is one of the world's greatest hotels
(b) The guest lists hide many secrets
(c) Every big hotel has got a ghost
(d) Do not poke around in the basement

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jack respond to Wendy's suggestion Danny get a check-up?

2. What thought arises when Jack ends the telephone call to Ullman?

3. How does Jack's father kill his mother?

4. What does Wendy do when she gets to Danny?

5. Why is Watson lingering in the lobby after staff has departed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What scares Jack as he turns to look at the topiary from the playground?

2. What does Danny tell Jack and Wendy once he has gained control of himself?

3. Describe the woman Danny sees when he enters the bathroom of Room 217.

4. What does Stephen King compare the Torrance family to as they go into the hotel during the snowstorm?

5. Why does Danny grab the guardrail and become faint when the family is looking at the Overlook Hotel for the first time?

6. What happens to Danny when he concentrates, thinking very hard?

7. What is Jack's gut reaction once Mr. Ullman leaves the Overlook and the Torrance family is left alone?

8. What does Danny see on the wallpaper as Ullman gives the Torrance's a tour of the Overlook?

9. Why does Wendy change her mind about divorcing Jack?

10. Describe the Overlook's cook, Halloran.

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