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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack think about when he takes a break from trimming the topiary animals and goes to the playground?
(a) He thinks about his life in Vermont
(b) He thinks about his life with his alcoholic father
(c) He thinks about Danny's friend, Tony
(d) He thinks about Wendy's mother

2. What happens when Jack covers his eyes and then reopens them?
(a) The hedge animals are back in position
(b) Snow has begun to fall
(c) The hedge lion moves closer
(d) Danny falls in the snow

3. How did Jack's father treat him when he was drunk?
(a) Screamed at him
(b) Ignored him
(c) Beat him
(d) Hugged him

4. Why doesn't Danny want to go to his grandmother's?
(a) He knows about the hatred between Wendy and her mother
(b) He doesn't like his grandmother's cooking
(c) His grandmother has mean cats
(d) His grandmother's house smells

5. What does Tony do as he stands at the bus stop down the block?
(a) He tells Danny not to go
(b) Grins and slowly walks toward Danny
(c) Insanely laughs in to the darkness
(d) Signals Danny to join him

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mrs. Brent causing a fuss?

2. What does Jack notice when he hears a noise behind him in the topiary?

3. What is Danny doing before bedtime that bothers Wendy?

4. What is Jack's conclusion as the reason he called Ullman?

5. How does Jack feel about Danny going into Room 217?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to terrify Danny as he contemplates opening the door to Room 217?

2. What is Jack's gut reaction once Mr. Ullman leaves the Overlook and the Torrance family is left alone?

3. Why does Wendy change her mind about divorcing Jack?

4. What incident occurs that causes Jack to dislike the Overlook Hotel?

5. Why does Jack compare his life to "The Great Wasp Nest of Life"?

6. What are the contents of the scrapbook Jack discovers in the basement of the Overlook?

7. What happens to Danny when he concentrates, thinking very hard?

8. What view do the Torrance's see as they look out the window in the Overlook Hotel?

9. Why does Jack call Mr. Ullman?

10. What incident occurs at the school Jack formerly taught that gives the reader an idea of Jack's temper?

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