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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack find when he first pulls back the shower curtain in Room 217?
(a) Nothing
(b) A hedge lion
(c) Confetti
(d) The dead woman

2. What does Danny tell his mother when she asks him to ask Tony if they should leave the hotel?
(a) He tells her he doesn't like to talk to Tony
(b) He says that he can't make Tony come
(c) He says that Tony can't come anymore
(d) He says that he is mad at Tony

3. How did Jack's father treat him when he was drunk?
(a) Ignored him
(b) Beat him
(c) Screamed at him
(d) Hugged him

4. What is the surprise item for Danny when he returns from the store?
(a) Pictures of him with Hallorann
(b) Some new books
(c) A wasp nest
(d) 3 dead wasps

5. Why is Mrs. Brent causing a fuss?
(a) She is not allowed to pay with her American Express card
(b) The hotel cannot account for some of her jewelry
(c) She thinks the bill is overcharged
(d) Her second husband has checked out without her

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens as Danny tests his shining on Hallorann?

2. As Danny lies awake, what does he imagine about flesh eating plants?

3. What transpires as Wendy is about to mention divorce?

4. What does Jack say he intentionally did to Danny?

5. What is Jack thinking as he gazes at the wasp nest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What view do the Torrance's see as they look out the window in the Overlook Hotel?

2. What does Danny see on the wallpaper as Ullman gives the Torrance's a tour of the Overlook?

3. Describe the woman Danny sees when he enters the bathroom of Room 217.

4. What is the message Jack receives from his dead father on the two-way radio?

5. What does Stephen King compare the Torrance family to as they go into the hotel during the snowstorm?

6. Why does Wendy decide to make Danny an appointment for a physical in Sidewinder?

7. What does Danny's mother tell him about Tony?

8. What does Jack discover when he goes to investigate Room 217?

9. Why does Danny grab the guardrail and become faint when the family is looking at the Overlook Hotel for the first time?

10. What does Wendy assume happened to Danny when she sees the red welts around his neck and how does she react?

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