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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wendy tell Danny about his friend, Tony?
(a) It's okay for Danny to have an imaginary friend
(b) Danny is too old for an imaginary friend
(c) She doesn't think he is real
(d) She believes in him

2. What is it that scares Danny before his shine ends at the curb?
(a) The word divorce
(b) The VW huffing up the street
(c) Redrum redrum redrum written on a bathroom mirror
(d) Tom the drunk

3. What does Danny say happened to him in Room 217?
(a) He says that nothing happened
(b) He says he fell on the bathroom floor
(c) He says that the shower curtain fell on him
(d) He says that he was attacked by a dead woman

4. When Danny shines what is the name of the imaginary person?
(a) Danny
(b) Ullman
(c) Tony
(d) George

5. What is Halloran's assurance to Danny?
(a) Supplies will last all winter
(b) There is nothing at Overlook that can hurt him
(c) There are only a few storms each winter
(d) He will have lots to do in the winter

Short Answer Questions

1. As Danny lies awake, what does he imagine about flesh eating plants?

2. How does Jack respond to Wendy's suggestion Danny get a check-up?

3. What does Jack find when he first pulls back the shower curtain in Room 217?

4. Who does Jack call while Danny waits in the VW?

5. What does Dr. Edmonds say Danny possesses?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Danny comes out of his comatose state, he screams for his Daddy. What does he say and what assumption does Jack make?

2. What does Danny's mother tell him about Tony?

3. Describe the woman Danny sees when he enters the bathroom of Room 217.

4. Why does Wendy decide to make Danny an appointment for a physical in Sidewinder?

5. Why does Jack compare his life to "The Great Wasp Nest of Life"?

6. What does Danny see on the wallpaper as Ullman gives the Torrance's a tour of the Overlook?

7. What does Danny imagine is outside his window after Tony warns him not to go to the hotel?

8. Why does Wendy change her mind about divorcing Jack?

9. What vision does Danny experience when Dr. Bill asks him to try and contact Tony?

10. What incident occurs at the school Jack formerly taught that gives the reader an idea of Jack's temper?

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