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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wendy do when she gets to Danny?
(a) She faints at the sight of Danny's neck
(b) She picks him up and runs to the bedroom
(c) She tells Jack to carry Danny to the bedroom
(d) She yells at Danny for scaring her

2. Why does Dr. Edmonds theorize Danny does not need Tony anymore?
(a) Danny is getting older
(b) Jack and Wendy get along now, so Tony has outlived his usefulness
(c) Tony has said too many things that did not come true
(d) Danny fears being separated from Jack

3. What is roque?
(a) French breakfast pastry
(b) A game similar to croquet
(c) Mexican cheese
(d) French restaurant in the Overlook lobby

4. What 3 words does Danny say as Jack is shaking him?
(a) Stop shaking me
(b) Let Hallorann speak
(c) Roque, Stroke, REDRUM
(d) Call the sheriff

5. What does Jack think about when he takes a break from trimming the topiary animals and goes to the playground?
(a) He thinks about Danny's friend, Tony
(b) He thinks about Wendy's mother
(c) He thinks about his life in Vermont
(d) He thinks about his life with his alcoholic father

6. How does Danny feel while he sits with his parents in the Overlook lobby?
(a) Worried
(b) Too tired for people watching
(c) Excited
(d) Content

7. What entire bottle of tablets did Jack chew to stop a hangover?
(a) Glucose
(b) Liver pills
(c) Anacin
(d) Excedrin

8. What phrase by Ullman echoed in Jack's mind?
(a) You lost your temper
(b) Winter is wonderful at Overlook
(c) The winter silence is soothing
(d) You will not regret it

9. Why doesn't Danny want to go to his grandmother's?
(a) His grandmother has mean cats
(b) His grandmother's house smells
(c) He knows about the hatred between Wendy and her mother
(d) He doesn't like his grandmother's cooking

10. What does Danny see in the bathroom?
(a) A dead bloated female corpse grinning up at him with glassy dead eyes
(b) Ullman's head
(c) Nothing
(d) An empty wasp's nest

11. What is Wendy resigned to accept?
(a) The family will always struggle and never get ahead
(b) Danny has an unbreakable bond with Jack
(c) Her restless nights will last the remainder of her lifetime
(d) Jack and Al will remain drunkards

12. What does Jack find when he first pulls back the shower curtain in Room 217?
(a) Confetti
(b) The dead woman
(c) A hedge lion
(d) Nothing

13. Why is Danny sitting on the curb sulking?
(a) His dog is missing for over 1 hour
(b) He awaits his father to fix his glider
(c) Tom, the drunk man on the third floor scares him
(d) His mother has just screamed and scolded him

14. As he ascends the basement stairs, what words of Watson does he recall?
(a) This is one of the world's greatest hotels
(b) Do not poke around in the basement
(c) The guest lists hide many secrets
(d) Every big hotel has got a ghost

15. Where are Jack and Wendy while the dead woman is strangling Danny?
(a) Sleeping
(b) In the basement
(c) In the equipment shed
(d) Arguing

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jack mocking George?

2. Who forces reconciliation between Wendy and her mother?

3. What does Danny say happened to him in Room 217?

4. What happens in the hallway that nearly freezes Danny with terror?

5. What thought arises when Jack ends the telephone call to Ullman?

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