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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Watson explains every hotel has its scandals. What is Overlook's?
(a) Criminals often operate here for months because of the seclusion
(b) The rich woman overdoses when the 17 year old
(c) Non-payment of taxes for years
(d) Illegal workers often hide here for weeks

2. Why is Jack feeling sympathy for Ullman as he says his goodbyes?
(a) The hotel season is over
(b) Ullman has no one to travel with him
(c) Ullman appears exhausted
(d) Ullman's attire is threadbare and shabby

3. What happens as Danny stands at the bedroom window at 2 AM?
(a) He sees a deserted street
(b) He sees Jack passed out on the sidewalk.
(c) He sees vandals once again puncture VW tires
(d) He hears only soft breezes.

4. What is it that scares Danny before his shine ends at the curb?
(a) The word divorce
(b) Tom the drunk
(c) Redrum redrum redrum written on a bathroom mirror
(d) The VW huffing up the street

5. What is the "bad thing" the maid is showing Hallorann?
(a) The pool
(b) Room 217
(c) The kitchen
(d) The lobby

6. What entire bottle of tablets did Jack chew to stop a hangover?
(a) Liver pills
(b) Glucose
(c) Anacin
(d) Excedrin

7. What is the surprise item for Danny when he returns from the store?
(a) Pictures of him with Hallorann
(b) Some new books
(c) A wasp nest
(d) 3 dead wasps

8. What does Dr. Edmonds say Danny possesses?
(a) Emotional instability
(b) Extraordinary human perception
(c) Scattered illusions
(d) Very good memory

9. What does Danny tell his mother when she asks him to ask Tony if they should leave the hotel?
(a) He says that he can't make Tony come
(b) He says that Tony can't come anymore
(c) He tells her he doesn't like to talk to Tony
(d) He says that he is mad at Tony

10. What happens in the hallway that nearly freezes Danny with terror?
(a) The fire hose nozzle plus a short length fall to the carpet
(b) Hundreds of wasps are at the window
(c) He hears band music from earlier decades
(d) Several guest room doors quickly open and slam shut

11. What does Jack think about when he takes a break from trimming the topiary animals and goes to the playground?
(a) He thinks about his life in Vermont
(b) He thinks about his life with his alcoholic father
(c) He thinks about Wendy's mother
(d) He thinks about Danny's friend, Tony

12. Where do Wendy and Jack find Danny?
(a) In the topiary
(b) In the basement
(c) At the top of the stairs with a bruised neck
(d) In the equipment shed

13. What is Jack's conclusion as the reason he called Ullman?
(a) To ask if he could stay on after next May
(b) To report a boiler malfunction
(c) To generally keep in touch
(d) To be fired while there was still time

14. Why is Watson lingering in the lobby after staff has departed?
(a) To give Ullman his keys
(b) To collect his pay from Ullman
(c) To remind Jack to closely monitor the furnace and boiler
(d) He has misplaced his luggage

15. What is roque?
(a) A game similar to croquet
(b) French breakfast pastry
(c) French restaurant in the Overlook lobby
(d) Mexican cheese

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Wendy resigned to accept?

2. How does Ullman describe the Florida place?

3. How does Jack's father kill his mother?

4. What occurs at the scenic turnout?

5. Why is Mrs. Brent causing a fuss?

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