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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What random thought comes to Jack when reading about the costume ball?
(a) The red death held sway over all
(b) He wants to return to Stovington
(c) Wendy's mother should wear a mask
(d) Al Shockley is a true friend

2. What transpires as Wendy is about to mention divorce?
(a) Danny falls and breaks his arm
(b) Jack asks for 1 week postponement
(c) Jack loses his temper
(d) She is panicky and faints

3. Why is Jack mocking George?
(a) Because George stutters
(b) Because George is dense
(c) Because George's father is wealthy
(d) Because George is a wimp

4. How does Jack respond to Wendy's suggestion Danny get a check-up?
(a) Says all three of them should get a check-up
(b) Wordlessly stalks away
(c) A verbal rant at Wendy
(d) Rambles on about his childhood at Danny's age.

5. Why does Dr. Edmonds theorize Danny does not need Tony anymore?
(a) Danny fears being separated from Jack
(b) Jack and Wendy get along now, so Tony has outlived his usefulness
(c) Danny is getting older
(d) Tony has said too many things that did not come true

6. What happens as Danny stands at the bedroom window at 2 AM?
(a) He sees a deserted street
(b) He hears only soft breezes.
(c) He sees Jack passed out on the sidewalk.
(d) He sees vandals once again puncture VW tires

7. What happens when Jack covers his eyes and then reopens them?
(a) Snow has begun to fall
(b) The hedge animals are back in position
(c) The hedge lion moves closer
(d) Danny falls in the snow

8. What is the background of some guests of the Overlook that Jack reads in an article he finds in the basement?
(a) They were film stars and entertainers
(b) They were involved in murder, drug trafficking, tax evasion, prostitution, bootlegging and illegal gambling
(c) They were upstanding political figures
(d) They were the families of heroes who served in the war

9. What is it that Jack and Al have in common?
(a) Alcoholism
(b) Wealthy ancestors
(c) Fondness for VWs
(d) Extramarital affairs

10. What is student George Hatfield doing when Jack attacks him?
(a) Cheating during the debate team activity
(b) Puncturing Jack's VW tires
(c) Fondling Wendy
(d) Hurting Danny's arm

11. What thought is Hallorann shining to Danny?
(a) Pretend illness and get out of Overlook today
(b) Your family is in danger at Overlook
(c) Your father hates you
(d) Sure you don't want to go to Florida doc?

12. What does Wendy assume happened to Danny's neck?
(a) Danny did it
(b) Jack did it
(c) Danny did it with his jump rope
(d) Danny fell on the stairs

13. What is it that scares Danny before his shine ends at the curb?
(a) The VW huffing up the street
(b) Redrum redrum redrum written on a bathroom mirror
(c) Tom the drunk
(d) The word divorce

14. Where do Wendy and Jack find Danny?
(a) In the basement
(b) In the topiary
(c) At the top of the stairs with a bruised neck
(d) In the equipment shed

15. What gruesome literary work comes to mind as Danny stands at room 217?
(a) The Bloody Chamber
(b) Bluebeard
(c) Fitcher's Bird
(d) How the Devil Married Three Sisters

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jack ranting before Danny provides the answer?

2. What is the time period when the Overlook is built?

3. Where does Wendy find Jack after she hears him screaming?

4. What does Danny say happened to him in Room 217?

5. What is Jack's conclusion as the reason he called Ullman?

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