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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack do when he goes to the Colorado Lounge?
(a) He sits down and cries
(b) He starts a conversation with Lloyd, the bartender
(c) He thinks about how much he loves Wendy
(d) He sits on a barstool talking to his father

2. How does Jack respond to Wendy's suggestion Danny get a check-up?
(a) Wordlessly stalks away
(b) A verbal rant at Wendy
(c) Says all three of them should get a check-up
(d) Rambles on about his childhood at Danny's age.

3. How does Jack feel about Danny going into Room 217?
(a) He feels it is okay if Danny went into the room
(b) Angry that Danny stole the key to the room
(c) He doesn't blame Danny for going into the room
(d) He feels Danny should be punished no matter how scared he is

4. How many guest rooms in the Overlook?
(a) 110
(b) 200
(c) 135
(d) 90

5. What is Jack's conclusion as the reason he called Ullman?
(a) To be fired while there was still time
(b) To ask if he could stay on after next May
(c) To report a boiler malfunction
(d) To generally keep in touch

6. As Danny lies awake, what does he imagine about flesh eating plants?
(a) They drag Jack away
(b) They surround the VW
(c) They drag him to darkness
(d) They surround Overlook

7. What would Jack do to the topiary animals if he owned the Overlook?
(a) Cut them all down
(b) Fertilize the soil around them
(c) Hire a professional landscaper to take care of them
(d) Trim them regularly

8. What does Wendy think as she, Danny, and Jack watch the snow fall?
(a) If Danny will have to go to the doctor
(b) If it will ever be spring
(c) What will become of them?
(d) If she can save her marriage

9. What happens as Danny tests his shining on Hallorann?
(a) Hallorann winces, jerks backward and bites his lip
(b) Hallorann passes out
(c) Nothing
(d) Danny passes out

10. What indicates to Wendy that all is not right with Danny?
(a) She thinks he has lost weight
(b) Bad dreams every night
(c) He chatters non-stop
(d) He is tired all the time

11. What occurs at the scenic turnout?
(a) The VW overheats and stalls for hours
(b) Wendy refuses to look at the panorama
(c) Danny realizes REDRUM is at the Overlook
(d) Wendy comments on heavy traffic coming from Overlook

12. Why did Danny lock the bathroom door?
(a) To keep Wendy out
(b) He hears voices coming that way
(c) Tony tells him to
(d) He is afraid of the wasps

13. As Danny runs to the door, what does he remember Hallorann told him?
(a) Think about something else
(b) Nothing in the hotel can harm him
(c) Close his eyes and everything will go away
(d) Everything in the hotel is real

14. Where do Wendy and Jack find Danny?
(a) In the basement
(b) In the equipment shed
(c) At the top of the stairs with a bruised neck
(d) In the topiary

15. As he ascends the basement stairs, what words of Watson does he recall?
(a) Every big hotel has got a ghost
(b) The guest lists hide many secrets
(c) This is one of the world's greatest hotels
(d) Do not poke around in the basement

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the time period when the Overlook is built?

2. When Danny breaks free from Wendy's arms, what does he scream?

3. What is the last town before Overlook?

4. What is the outcome of Jack's attack on George Hatfield?

5. Who is sitting at the lobby fireplace on the Overlook's closing day?

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