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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Danny go after he opens the door to Room 217?
(a) Into the bathroom
(b) To the bed
(c) To the mini bar
(d) To the mirror

2. What is the outcome of Jack's attack on George Hatfield?
(a) Jack remains on the faculty 2 more years, George switches teachers
(b) George offers the use of his car for the move to the Overlook
(c) George buys 4 new tires for the VW
(d) Jack is fired, George is expelled from school

3. Watson explains every hotel has its scandals. What is Overlook's?
(a) Non-payment of taxes for years
(b) The rich woman overdoses when the 17 year old
(c) Criminals often operate here for months because of the seclusion
(d) Illegal workers often hide here for weeks

4. How does Wendy react when she realizes that Jack really didn't hurt Danny?
(a) She figures he will hurt Danny sooner or later
(b) She is remorseful for not giving Jack the benefit of the doubt
(c) She doesn't care that she blamed him
(d) She tries to pretend that she never accused Jack of hurting Danny

5. What does Tony do as he stands at the bus stop down the block?
(a) He tells Danny not to go
(b) Grins and slowly walks toward Danny
(c) Signals Danny to join him
(d) Insanely laughs in to the darkness

6. When Danny breaks free from Wendy's arms, what does he scream?
(a) Daddy did it!
(b) It was her!
(c) Mr. Grady did it!
(d) Lloyd did it!

7. Where does Wendy find Jack after she hears him screaming?
(a) In the pantry, cowering in the corner
(b) In Ullman's office with a broken CB radio
(c) In the basement with the scrapbook in his lap
(d) At his typewriter

8. What transpires as Wendy is about to mention divorce?
(a) Danny falls and breaks his arm
(b) Jack loses his temper
(c) She is panicky and faints
(d) Jack asks for 1 week postponement

9. What is Wendy thinking about the 1926 Overlook elevator?
(a) It is too small
(b) It is well maintained
(c) It is quaint
(d) It is unsafe

10. How does Jack's father kill his mother?
(a) He pushes her down the stairs
(b) He poisons her
(c) He hits her full force in the face and the back of the head, and cracking open her skull
(d) He suffocates her

11. When Danny shines what is the name of the imaginary person?
(a) George
(b) Danny
(c) Ullman
(d) Tony

12. How much liquor remains in the Colorado Lounge?
(a) Enough to last at least half the winter months
(b) None
(c) Only 3 bottles
(d) Enough to last until next summer

13. What happens as Danny stands at the bedroom window at 2 AM?
(a) He sees a deserted street
(b) He sees vandals once again puncture VW tires
(c) He sees Jack passed out on the sidewalk.
(d) He hears only soft breezes.

14. What does Dr. Edmonds say Danny possesses?
(a) Scattered illusions
(b) Very good memory
(c) Extraordinary human perception
(d) Emotional instability

15. What entire bottle of tablets did Jack chew to stop a hangover?
(a) Anacin
(b) Liver pills
(c) Excedrin
(d) Glucose

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Danny want to go to his grandmother's?

2. Why did Danny lock the bathroom door?

3. How does Al Shockley react to Jack's idea about writing a historical book about the Overlook?

4. What does Jack say he intentionally did to Danny?

5. Why is Jack mocking George?

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