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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Danny go after he opens the door to Room 217?
(a) To the bed
(b) To the mini bar
(c) Into the bathroom
(d) To the mirror

2. What is the last town before Overlook?
(a) Sidewinder Pass
(b) Rexall
(c) Stovington
(d) Ullman Township

3. How much liquor remains in the Colorado Lounge?
(a) None
(b) Enough to last at least half the winter months
(c) Only 3 bottles
(d) Enough to last until next summer

4. What 3 words does Danny say as Jack is shaking him?
(a) Let Hallorann speak
(b) Roque, Stroke, REDRUM
(c) Stop shaking me
(d) Call the sheriff

5. When Danny breaks free from Wendy's arms, what does he scream?
(a) Lloyd did it!
(b) It was her!
(c) Mr. Grady did it!
(d) Daddy did it!

6. What does Dr. Edmonds say Danny possesses?
(a) Very good memory
(b) Scattered illusions
(c) Emotional instability
(d) Extraordinary human perception

7. How does Jack feel about Danny going into Room 217?
(a) He feels Danny should be punished no matter how scared he is
(b) He doesn't blame Danny for going into the room
(c) He feels it is okay if Danny went into the room
(d) Angry that Danny stole the key to the room

8. Why is Jack ranting before Danny provides the answer?
(a) He cannot locate the trunk labeled
(b) The movers broke at least 6 things
(c) The VW fuel pump has failed
(d) Wendy's expensive wristwatch is missing

9. What does Jack see in the bathroom of Room 217 the second time he looks?
(a) A bathtub of blood
(b) Nothing again
(c) A woman's shape in the tub
(d) Hallorann's body

10. What transpires as Wendy is about to mention divorce?
(a) Jack loses his temper
(b) Danny falls and breaks his arm
(c) Jack asks for 1 week postponement
(d) She is panicky and faints

11. What is the background of some guests of the Overlook that Jack reads in an article he finds in the basement?
(a) They were involved in murder, drug trafficking, tax evasion, prostitution, bootlegging and illegal gambling
(b) They were upstanding political figures
(c) They were film stars and entertainers
(d) They were the families of heroes who served in the war

12. Why did Danny lock the bathroom door?
(a) He hears voices coming that way
(b) He is afraid of the wasps
(c) Tony tells him to
(d) To keep Wendy out

13. Who is sitting at the lobby fireplace on the Overlook's closing day?
(a) Ullman's wife
(b) Sidewinder police
(c) 3 nuns
(d) The sheriff

14. Where do both Danny and Wendy agree to spend the winter?
(a) In Vermont
(b) In Sidewinder
(c) At her mother's
(d) At the Overlook

15. Why doesn't Danny want to go to his grandmother's?
(a) He doesn't like his grandmother's cooking
(b) His grandmother has mean cats
(c) His grandmother's house smells
(d) He knows about the hatred between Wendy and her mother

Short Answer Questions

1. As he ascends the basement stairs, what words of Watson does he recall?

2. How many guest rooms in the Overlook?

3. Watson explains every hotel has its scandals. What is Overlook's?

4. What does Danny say happened to him in Room 217?

5. What is the purpose of the thermostats at Overlook?

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