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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39, On the Stairs | Chapter 40, In the Basement.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jack begin to blame for all the trouble at the hotel?
(a) Shockley
(b) Danny
(c) Lloyd
(d) Ullman

2. What phrase by Ullman echoed in Jack's mind?
(a) The winter silence is soothing
(b) Winter is wonderful at Overlook
(c) You lost your temper
(d) You will not regret it

3. When Danny shines what is the name of the imaginary person?
(a) Ullman
(b) Tony
(c) Danny
(d) George

4. Where are Jack and Wendy while the dead woman is strangling Danny?
(a) Arguing
(b) In the equipment shed
(c) In the basement
(d) Sleeping

5. Why is Jack mocking George?
(a) Because George is dense
(b) Because George's father is wealthy
(c) Because George stutters
(d) Because George is a wimp

Short Answer Questions

1. What indicates to Wendy that all is not right with Danny?

2. How does Jack's father kill his mother?

3. Where does Danny go after he opens the door to Room 217?

4. What happens when Jack covers his eyes and then reopens them?

5. What does Jack say he intentionally did to Danny?

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