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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39, On the Stairs | Chapter 40, In the Basement.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jack feel when Wendy asks him how he is going to get them off the mountain?
(a) He ignores her
(b) He apologizes for not making arrangements for getting them into town
(c) He laughs angrily, telling Wendy they are snowed in
(d) He slaps her

2. What is Wendy resigned to accept?
(a) Jack and Al will remain drunkards
(b) The family will always struggle and never get ahead
(c) Danny has an unbreakable bond with Jack
(d) Her restless nights will last the remainder of her lifetime

3. What does Jack decide to do if Wendy asks him why Danny said that he knew about the hedge animals?
(a) He will deny it
(b) He will not answer her
(c) He will tell Wendy everything he knows about the strange events in the Overlook
(d) He will say that Danny is schizophrenic

4. What happens to Danny when he plays in the concrete ring tunnels?
(a) He passes out in the tunnel
(b) He is trapped by rats
(c) He is trapped by th edead woman
(d) The snow collapses around him

5. Why did Danny lock the bathroom door?
(a) He hears voices coming that way
(b) He is afraid of the wasps
(c) Tony tells him to
(d) To keep Wendy out

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the "bad thing" the maid is showing Hallorann?

2. Where does Danny go after he opens the door to Room 217?

3. What does Jack say is in the elevator?

4. What does Jack find when he first pulls back the shower curtain in Room 217?

5. What is roque?

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