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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25, Inside 217 | Chapter 26, Dreamland.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What old behaviors are Jack doing that has Wendy worried?
(a) Laughing, passing out, biting his lip
(b) Picking his eyebrows, biting his nails, spitting
(c) Contradicting, dancing, biting his nails
(d) Anger, profanity, rage, rubbing his lips, silence

2. Who does Jack call while Danny waits in the VW?
(a) Al Shockley
(b) Stuart Ullman
(c) Tony
(d) George Hatfield

3. How does Al Shockley react to Jack's idea about writing a historical book about the Overlook?
(a) He wants to be mentioned in the book
(b) He loves the idea
(c) He wants Jack to begin the book right away
(d) He is critical of the idea, telling Jack to forget about it

4. What is the important responsibility of the caretaker that Ullman reminds Jack of?
(a) Keep the pantry stocked
(b) Repair the roof
(c) Maintain the playground
(d) Be sure to check the boiler

5. What is the surprise item for Danny when he returns from the store?
(a) A wasp nest
(b) Some new books
(c) 3 dead wasps
(d) Pictures of him with Hallorann

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Wendy thinking about the 1926 Overlook elevator?

2. How many guest rooms in the Overlook?

3. What is the last town before Overlook?

4. Where do both Danny and Wendy agree to spend the winter?

5. Why is Jack ranting before Danny provides the answer?

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