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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, The Front Porch | Chapter 14, Up on the Roof.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What occurs at the scenic turnout?
(a) The VW overheats and stalls for hours
(b) Wendy comments on heavy traffic coming from Overlook
(c) Wendy refuses to look at the panorama
(d) Danny realizes REDRUM is at the Overlook

2. Who is sitting at the lobby fireplace on the Overlook's closing day?
(a) Ullman's wife
(b) 3 nuns
(c) The sheriff
(d) Sidewinder police

3. Why is Jack feeling sympathy for Ullman as he says his goodbyes?
(a) The hotel season is over
(b) Ullman has no one to travel with him
(c) Ullman appears exhausted
(d) Ullman's attire is threadbare and shabby

4. What is it that scares Danny before his shine ends at the curb?
(a) Redrum redrum redrum written on a bathroom mirror
(b) The VW huffing up the street
(c) Tom the drunk
(d) The word divorce

5. Why is Mrs. Brent causing a fuss?
(a) Her second husband has checked out without her
(b) She is not allowed to pay with her American Express card
(c) She thinks the bill is overcharged
(d) The hotel cannot account for some of her jewelry

Short Answer Questions

1. What thought is Hallorann shining to Danny?

2. What does Hallorann always smell before he shines?

3. Why is Jack mocking George?

4. How much liquor remains in the Colorado Lounge?

5. What is the outcome of Jack's attack on George Hatfield?

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