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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, The Doctor's Office | Chapter 18, The Scrapbook.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dr. Edmonds theorize Danny does not need Tony anymore?
(a) Danny fears being separated from Jack
(b) Tony has said too many things that did not come true
(c) Jack and Wendy get along now, so Tony has outlived his usefulness
(d) Danny is getting older

2. What does Jack do when he sees George in the act of vandalism?
(a) Calls campus security
(b) Disarms him and punches him out
(c) Asks the debate class to witness the events
(d) Shouts a vulgarity as George flees the scene

3. How does Danny feel while he sits with his parents in the Overlook lobby?
(a) Content
(b) Worried
(c) Too tired for people watching
(d) Excited

4. What is it that scares Danny before his shine ends at the curb?
(a) The word divorce
(b) Redrum redrum redrum written on a bathroom mirror
(c) The VW huffing up the street
(d) Tom the drunk

5. As Danny lies awake, what does he imagine about flesh eating plants?
(a) They surround Overlook
(b) They drag him to darkness
(c) They surround the VW
(d) They drag Jack away

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Jack ranting before Danny provides the answer?

2. What does Dr. Edmonds say Danny possesses?

3. As he ascends the basement stairs, what words of Watson does he recall?

4. Why is Mrs. Brent causing a fuss?

5. What does Tony do as he stands at the bus stop down the block?

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