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The Overlook Hotel - This was built in the early part of the twentieth century, and repeatedly sold and purchased, resulting in a vast history of intrigue and death. It eventually explodes.

Stovington Prep School - This was a prestigious institution of higher education for the nation's elite and the place of Jack Torrance's last gainful employment.

Room 217 - This hotel room is well known for its resident apparition: a dead, bloated, and evil corpse in the bathroom tub.

The Topiary - A collection of hedge animals that adorn the front lawn of the hotel consisting of two lions, a dog, and a rabbit.

The Shining - This is a psychic ability where one can read the thoughts of others, sense emotions around them, and can, on occasion, see visions of the future and of the past.

The Presidential Suite - The location of a brutal triple...

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