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Chapter 1, Job Interview | Chapter 2, Boulder

1. Why is Stuart Ullman hiring Jack to be caretaker of the Overlook?
(a) He wants to give Jack a chance
(b) He knows Jack needs the money
(c) Because of the influence of Albert Shockley
(d) He likes Jack's attitude

2. What is the time period when the Overlook is built?
(a) After the Civil War, 1868 to 1870
(b) During the Great Depression
(c) After World War II, 1946 to 1948
(d) Between 1907 to 1909

3. How many guest rooms in the Overlook?
(a) 135
(b) 110
(c) 200
(d) 90

4. What is student George Hatfield doing when Jack attacks him?
(a) Cheating during the debate team activity
(b) Hurting Danny's arm
(c) Puncturing Jack's VW tires
(d) Fondling Wendy

5. Why is Danny sitting on the curb sulking?
(a) His mother has just screamed and scolded him
(b) He awaits his father to fix his glider
(c) Tom, the drunk man on the third floor scares him
(d) His dog is missing for over 1 hour

6. What is the outcome of Jack's attack on George Hatfield?
(a) George offers the use of his car for the move to the Overlook
(b) Jack remains on the faculty 2 more years, George switches teachers
(c) George buys 4 new tires for the VW
(d) Jack is fired, George is expelled from school

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