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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Job Interview | Chapter 2, Boulder)


In this section, the reader is introduced to Stuart Ullman interviewing Jack Torrance for the position of caretaker at the Overlook hotel.

The objective of this lesson is to understand the background of the character of Jack Torrance.


1) Have the students read the interview between Stuart Ullman and Jack Torrance. Have a class discussion about what is revealed about the character of Jack Torrance during the interview. Discuss the good and bad qualities of Jack Torrance and if Ullman is effective in his interview process.

2) Homework: Have the students create a list of questions they would ask Jack Torrance if they were interviewing him for the job of caretaker at the Overlook hotel. Collect the questions and assign half the students to be the interviewer, and half to be Jack. Present the interviews in front of the class.

3) Divide the class into groups. Have each...

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