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Illustrated Cover

Make an illustrated cover for The Shining.

Word Search Puzzle

Make a word search puzzle using all the words from the novel depicting fear, anxiety, and evil.

Slide Show

Make a power point slide show of the key events in the novel; include a sound track if possible.

Illustrate a Favorite Scene

Choose a favorite scene from the novel and make an illustration.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about the fire at the Overlook. Include the reactions of the witnesses to the fire: Danny, Hallorann, and Wendy.

Group Rewrite

Divide into groups. The first group rewrites the first main event in the novel; the next group rewrites the next event, and so on, until the novel is finished. Put it all together to see what changes the class makes to the plot and characters

Postcard from the Overlook

Pretend to be a visitor to the...

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