The Shining Character Descriptions

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Jack Torrance

This man is a recovering alcoholic with a volatile temper. He is starting a job as caretaker of the Overlook hotel.

Wendy Torrance

The wife of an alcoholic and the mother of an extremely psychic child, this woman loves her husband, but doubts his motives and abilities.

Danny Torrance

This five-year-old is a highly psychic child. The boy is capable of reading people's minds, feeling their emotions, seeing the future, and seeing the past.


This is an imaginary friend, appearing in psychic visions. He appears with warnings about future events.

Dick Hallorann

This man is the cook at the Overlook hotel, and a psychic. He comes back to the Overlook to help the caretaker's family during a snowstorm.

The Overlook Hotel

This place has a seedy and violent past with many deaths, murders, and underhanded business deals.

Al Shockley

This person is a friend of...

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