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Chapter 1, Job Interview | Chapter 2, Boulder

• Stuart Ullman is interviewing Jack Torrance for the position of winter caretaker at the Overlook hotel in Colorado.

• Ullman admits that he is only hiring him because of the influence of Albert Shockley, a member of the Board of Directors, and a friend of the Torrance family.

• Ullman tells Jack the story of Delbert Grady, the previous caretaker and an alcoholic, who went insane, killing his family and himself.

• Jack assures Ullman that he is no longer drinking, working on a play, planning to teach his son to read, and that he and his family are capable of withstanding the isolation and cold winter months.

• Danny compares the incident with the time Jack broke Danny's arm for spilling his work papers on the floor.

• Danny asks his mother, Wendy, why his father lost his teaching position. Wendy answers that Jack lost his temper...

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