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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Havercamp promise loyalty to Sharpe?
(a) He is afraid of Sharpe.
(b) He hated being immoral.
(c) He feels sorry for the recruits.
(d) He knows the crimping scheme is finished.

2. What will Sharpe receive from the negotiations?
(a) He is promoted one pay grade.
(b) He will retain his full appointment.
(c) He is made commander of the second battalion.
(d) He will be released from jail.

3. What do Sharpe and Harper teach the men as they are marching?
(a) Field craft and wartime operations.
(b) Catching food in the woods.
(c) Shooting a rifle.
(d) How to eat and walk.

4. What is the first action Sharpe takes upon assuming command at Foulness?
(a) Promotes Weller.
(b) Kills Girdwood.
(c) Arrests Lynch.
(d) Reorganizes the command structure.

5. What does Sharpe do when Girdwood flees?
(a) Follows him.
(b) Lets him go.
(c) Belittles him in front of the men.
(d) Kills him.

6. What is the first action of the first battalion after Sharpe returns?
(a) They have a recruitment party.
(b) They assault a strong French position.
(c) They march to their next assignment.
(d) They build a bridge on the Thames River.

7. What does Anne tell Sharpe she will do about Fenner?
(a) She will spy on him.
(b) She will go through his desk.
(c) To have him assassinated.
(d) She will take the situation forward if he has proof.

8. What does Fenner receive besides his books from the negotiations?
(a) He gets all the money he has already made.
(b) He will not be charge with treason.
(c) He retains his job.
(d) He will take over command of the second battalion.

9. What is the Prince Regent expected to do in a few days' time?
(a) Announce the birth of his first child.
(b) Review a grand scale reenactment of the battle of Vitoria.
(c) Open his new palace for viewing.
(d) Make a proclamation about the end of involuntary conscription.

10. What does Sharpe see Girdwood do at Simmerson's estate?
(a) Pack up some pistols and books.
(b) Open a safe.
(c) Kill Simmerson.
(d) Rape Jane.

11. What does Fenner decide to do about Sharpe?
(a) Kidnap him and send him to South America.
(b) Give him a cut of the crimping.
(c) Send him to a dangerous place.
(d) Have Anne poison him.

12. What does Fenner tell his servant to do with the accounting books?
(a) Give them to Anne.
(b) Keep them for Fenner.
(c) Hide them.
(d) Burn them.

13. How much time does the negotiations between Anne and Fenner take?
(a) Three hours.
(b) A couple of minutes.
(c) Two days.
(d) Very little.

14. What does Anne hope for Fenner?
(a) Great riches.
(b) Ruin.
(c) To be killed, hopefully soon.
(d) To marry her.

15. What kind of books does Sharpe look at from Simmerson's estate?
(a) Account books.
(b) Romance novels.
(c) Military history.
(d) Military poetry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lawford offer to guarantee?

2. How does Jane feel about Simmerson's corruption?

3. What does Sharpe tell Lawford?

4. How does Fenner feel about Anne's action?

5. What does Havercamp say is his take of the recruiting scheme?

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