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The South Essex Regiment

Sharpe's military unit is this.

Maggie's Pistol

Maggie notices that Sharpe is being tailed by presumed assassins and sends a messenger to him to raise the alarm. The messenger also delivers one of these to Sharpe, who uses it to kill the assassins.

Chelmsford Depot

The South Essex's Second Battalion is officially based here.

Camp Foulness

This is the location where the second battalion is unofficially based.


This is a small mongrel dog that belongs to Charlie Weller, one of the new recruits enlisting with Sharpe and Harper.

The Two Red Leather Accounting Ledgers

All the accounting performed for the illegal crimping activities conducted at Foulness is noted down in these.

The Royal Review

The successful battle at Vitoria, along with other recent British victories, is cause for great celebration in England. Part of the ceremonies consists of this.

The French Imperial Eagle

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