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1. In Attack on Misgovernment, Against Verres I, how does Cicero characterize Verres in the first point he makes to the judges?

In Attack on Misgovernment, in the first point he makes to the judges and jurors, Cicero characterizes Verres as a thief, a petty tyrant, and as a man who disgraced Sicily by his actions.

2. According to Cicero in his second argument, what is the relationship like between Cicero and Verres prior to the trial?

According to Cicero, Verres and Cicero have been political enemies for a long time before the trial. Cicero does not seem to fear for his life as much as his reputation and moral integrity.

3. Why didn't Verres' plan to bribe the judge succeed?

According to Cicero, Verres' plan to bribe the judges didn't succeed because the judges selected were not the most likely to accept a bribe, and Cicero disqualified judges he knew would accept the bribes.

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