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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, A Practical Code of Behavior, On Duties, III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the second section of A Practical Code of Behavior, who can see how goodness and rightness are related?
(a) People with flowed logic.
(b) People with perfect wisdom.
(c) People with low intelligence.
(d) Women.

2. What was Publius Clodius' main quality?
(a) Hysterical.
(b) Impatient.
(c) Quiet.
(d) Reliable.

3. What was Catiline's main quality according to Cicero?
(a) Unreliable.
(b) Good orator.
(c) Funny.
(d) Outrageous.

4. What does one side think of the attitude of the merchant who doesn't tell the other merchants about the food shortage?
(a) Truthful.
(b) Ridiculous.
(c) Honest.
(d) Deceiving.

5. What would have benefited Antony had he visited Cicero's home?
(a) His honesty.
(b) His orator's skills.
(c) His reputation and morals.
(d) His physical strength.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the fifteenth letter, how does Cicero qualify the state of the country?

2. In Cicero's Life and Letters, Selection from his Correspondence, to whom did Cicero write the first letter?

3. According to the twenty-first letter, what is Cicero's reaction to the speech which he heard?

4. In the eighteenth letter, who came to Cicero's house?

5. What examples does Cicero use to illustrate hard moral cases?

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