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This place is the capital of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.

The Tusculum

This place is the home city of Cicero, and it is known today as Alban Hills in Italy.

The Senate

This is an important part of the Roman Republic. A person is a member here until it is dissolved.

The Courtroom

This place is where Cicero prosecuted Verres.

Verres's Plot

This involved a plot to buy one man's acquittal, but it was prevented by Cicero.

Cicero's Letters

This canon consists of over 800 writings.

The First Triumvirate

This group of people was used to destroy the Roman Senate, but Cicero refused to join. It led to his political exile.

Caesar's Assassination

This major event was led by two senators, Cassius and Brutus. It occurred on March 15th, 44, B.C.

Cicero's Code of Behavior

This item consisted of Stoic inspired rules, and it was recounted...

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