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This person is known for philosophy, politics, and oration by which he defended the republican government of Rome. This person was born in 106 B.C.


This person had a strong reputation as a soldier and spent time trying to reduce political corruption in the Roman Republic. This person was against extravagance and was concerned over what might corrupt Roman morality.

Marc Antony

This person was a friend to the first dictator of the Roman Empire and a member of the Second Triumvirate. This individual tried to attack another person's reputation in order to rise to power.

Gaius Verres

This person was a corrupt governor of Siciliy, Italy, and was regarded as a tyrant.

Titus Pomponius Atticus

This person was a statesman of Rome and a close friend of the subject of this book.

Julius Caesar

This person became the first dictator of the Roman Empire.

Tullia Cicero

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