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Short Answer Questions

1. What complaint did some have about Cicero that was proven to be false?

2. What did Cicero do for one of the envoys that shared information about Lentulus' plot?

3. What year was Pro Marcello given?

4. Why did Caesar think that the death penalty should not be applied to the conspirators?

5. What did Cicero advise the people to do at the end of Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Caesar disagree with Silanus in Chapter 7? What was his alternate suggestion?

2. What was the theory about Caesar's position at the senate debate and his political ambitions?

3. Which of Caesar's accomplishments did Cicero reference in Pro Marcello?

4. What removed any doubt of Catiline's guilt, and how did Cicero collect evidence against him?

5. Which inconsistency did Cicero reveal about Caesar's suggestion in the Fourth Catilinam?

6. What were the differences between the two types of debtors that followed Catiline?

7. Which one of Caesar's statements troubled Cicero in Chapter 8?

8. What happened to the six co-conspirators that Cicero discovered in Chapter 6?

9. How did Cicero describe Catiline and the threat he posed to Rome in In Catilinam II?

10. How did Cicero depict the older men that followed Catiline?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hortensius was a well known lawyer during Cicero's time, and the two were rivals on more than one occasion.

1) Describe Hortensius' background, his reputation, and what he was known for.

2) Explain at least two different circumstances in which Cicero and Hortensius were political opponents.

3) Analyze Cicero's advice to Hortensius at the end of In Verrem II.5 and what Cicero was trying to accomplish by addressing Hortensius directly.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Catiline's attack on Cicero after hearing In Catilinam I with Antonius' attack on Cicero after he refused to participate in the senate meeting. In your analysis, include the similarities and differences between Catiline and Antonius and a comparison of the way Cicero dealt with each of them.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout his life and career, Cicero maintained a strong and admirable love and loyalty for his country that was reflected in his works.

1) Explain three examples of how Cicero displayed his love of his country in his political speeches.

2) Explain three examples of how Cicero displayed his love of his country in his actions while serving on the Roman consul.

3) Analyze the two things that Cicero wished for his country and its people and how they represent the way he lived his life.

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