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Short Answer Questions

1. As Cicero explained to the jurors, what effect did the scheduling of the court date have on his efforts to collect evidence?

2. What was Verres' defense strategy?

3. In addition to a listing of the crimes Verres had committed, what else was included in Cicero's speech in Chapter 2?

4. How many speeches were not actually given by Cicero because Verres had already gone into exile?

5. Which of the following best describes Pompey's military successes at the time Cicero gave his speech?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Cicero say about Sicily and Verres' actions in Sicily in Chapter 1?

2. What was the concern about Verres and his connections within the Roman courts?

3. How did Cicero include the past history of Rome to inspire the Roman citizens in Chapter 3?

4. Which other pieces of evidence against Verres did Cicero include in Chapter 1?

5. Who opposed the election of Pompey, and how did Cicero address their concerns in his speech?

6. How did Verres intend to escape the charges being brought against him?

7. What was Cicero's assessment of the war with Mithridates in his speech for Pompey?

8. How did Cicero describe the conflict with Mithridates to the Romans in Chapter 3?

9. How did Cicero describe Verres in In Verrem I?

10. How did Cicero respond to the accusation that Catiline should have already been executed in Chapter 4?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Cicero was exiled for years before being exonerated and returning to the senate to give Pro Marcello.

1) Describe how Caesar changed the republic while Cicero was exiled and Cicero's reaction to the changes when he returned.

2) Explain some of the possible reasons why you think Caesar would have exonerated Cicero and Marcellus.

3) Analyze Cicero's exile, using his own words and descriptions as a reference.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout his life and career, Cicero maintained a strong and admirable love and loyalty for his country that was reflected in his works.

1) Explain three examples of how Cicero displayed his love of his country in his political speeches.

2) Explain three examples of how Cicero displayed his love of his country in his actions while serving on the Roman consul.

3) Analyze the two things that Cicero wished for his country and its people and how they represent the way he lived his life.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the four major qualities of a military commander that Cicero wrote about in De imperio Cn. Pompei. Include specific examples of how and why Pompey represented these qualities and earned Cicero's support.

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