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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Cicero assure the Roman people would prevent Pompey from forming a coup at the end of his speech in Chapter 3?

2. When did Verres serve as governor?

3. How many speeches were written in total against Verres?

4. When did Mithridates acquire the territories he controlled during the time of Cicero's speech in Chapter 3?

5. Who uncovered Catiline's plot to assassinate Cicero?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Cicero describe the corrupt trials that Verres ran in Sicily?

2. How did Verres intend to escape the charges being brought against him?

3. What events led to the Catlinarians given by Cicero?

4. In the beginning of In Verrem I, what was the first reason that Cicero gave to the jurors to convict Verres?

5. As Cicero explained in his speech, what was at stake in the war against Mithridates?

6. Why was the senate losing patience with Catiline, and what outraged Cicero at the beginning of In Catilinam I?

7. Who opposed the election of Pompey, and how did Cicero address their concerns in his speech?

8. What reasons were given for why Cicero could not arrest or execute Catiline at the time he gave In Catilinam I?

9. What corruption was exposed by Cicero about Verres' handling of the naval defense funds?

10. What position did Cicero have when he gave the speeches against Verres, and what situation caused him to write them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Cicero's political career had a direct influence on his speeches and writings.

1) Describe three examples of the effects that Cicero's speeches had on his career in politics.

2) Explain how Cicero's political career had an effect on the intentions behind writing his speeches.

3) Analyze the writing style that Cicero used when writing an oratory speech vs. one that was meant to be read.

Essay Topic 2

Upon the capture of Catiline's co-conspirators, the senate met to decide how to proceed with their sentencing.

1) Analyze Silanus' position and the significance of the support he had from other members of the senate.

2) Describe Caesar's suggestion and the possible political reasons he had for making it.

3) Debate both sides of the senate's discussion, the option of executing the co-conspirators vs. lifetime imprisonment.

Essay Topic 3

Cicero's descriptiveness was a major aspect of his writings and speeches. Use multiple examples from his descriptions of Verres and Catiline to show why he was effective in convincing jurors to convict the criminals being questioned by the Roman consul.

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