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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, De imperio Cn. Pompei ('On the Command of Gnaeus Pompeius').

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Besides the honor of their ancestors, what else did Cicero say was at stake for the Roman people in the war against Mithridates?
(a) Their pride.
(b) Their reputation.
(c) Their economic interests.
(d) Their political interests.

2. Which word was used to represent a legal speech in describing Cicero's speeches against Verres?
(a) Juristic.
(b) Juridicial.
(c) Forensic.
(d) Ratified.

3. What did Cicero promise to the jurors at the end of his first speech against Verres?
(a) Not to be late for the hearings.
(b) To present an indefensible prosecution.
(c) Not to use any tricky legal moves.
(d) To be creative in his attempts to prosecute.

4. What was Verres' defense strategy?
(a) To slander Cicero.
(b) To delay the trial.
(c) To prove his innocence.
(d) To eliminate the witnesses.

5. If Verres was not convicted, what did Cicero think would happen in the judicial system?
(a) There would be vicious acts against the decision.
(b) There would be challenges to the decision.
(c) There would be an upheaval.
(d) There would be silence.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Cicero describe the conflict between Rome and Mithridates?

2. Which one of Verres' acquaintances was also implicated in the mishandled capture of a pirate captain?

3. In addition to a listing of the crimes Verres had committed, what else was included in Cicero's speech in Chapter 2?

4. What year were the speeches of In Verrem given?

5. How did Cicero categorize the war's outcome in his speech for Pompey in Chapter 3?

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