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Verres's Trial

This was the court where the prosecution of a corrupt governor was held.

The Forum

This was the public square where many political speeches were given.

Curia of Pompey

This was where the senate met during the time of many of Cicero's speeches, and it was also the place where Caesar was assassinated.


This was where Verres' corruption took place.


This was where Mithridates was from.


This was the setting of all of the relevant political events and speeches in the book.


This was what many of Catiline's followers attempted to alleviate in exchange for their support.

The Office of Consul

This was the highest elected office in the Roman republic when Cicero served in 64 B.C.

The Office of Triumvir

This was a quasi-dictatorial office and one of three dictators of the Roman republic/empire.

The Office of Praetor

This position...

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