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Essay Topic 1

Cicero's political career had a direct influence on his speeches and writings.

1) Describe three examples of the effects that Cicero's speeches had on his career in politics.

2) Explain how Cicero's political career had an effect on the intentions behind writing his speeches.

3) Analyze the writing style that Cicero used when writing an oratory speech vs. one that was meant to be read.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between a judicial and deliberative speech. Using Cicero's political speeches as a reference, include examples of each type.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the defense strategy of Verres during his trial. Also, provide an analysis of Cicero's methods in thwarting the corrupt defense plans with In Verrum I and how it demonstrated his skills as a writer and orator.

Essay Topic 4

Verres, the corrupt governor of Sicily, was prosecuted for misleading people about his role in several...

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