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Chapter I, In Verrem I

• Cicero was the Prosecutor in the trial of Verres, the corrupt governor of Sicily.
• The defense for Verres was to delay the trial until the next elections, where the charges would be dismissed.
• Cicero wrote In Verrem I to counter the defense's strategy and inform the jury of Verres' corrupt plans and bribery attempts.
• At the conclusion of In Verrem I, Cicero vowed to deliver justice for the Roman people and defeat Verres.

Chapter 2, In Verrum II.5

• In an effort to list all of Verres' irrefutable crimes, Cicero wrote In Verrum II, a series of five speeches.
• In Verrum II.5 discredited the military record of Verres, from his exaggerated role in the slave wars to the deceptive accounting of Sicily's naval defense funds.
• Verres' release of a pirate captain that taunted the people of Sicily was detailed by Cicero, along with Verres' cruel...

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