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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Specifically, in which market do Tamkin and Wilhelm invest?
(a) They just invest in general.
(b) In the commodities market.
(c) In the services market.
(d) In the products market.

2. Who thinks, "They adore money! Holy money! Beautiful money!"
(a) The clerk at the front desk.
(b) Wilhelm.
(c) Dr. Adler.
(d) Dr. Perls.

3. What floor does Mr. Perls live on in the hotel?
(a) The 14th floor.
(b) The 23rd floor.
(c) Mr. Perls is just visiting the hotel.
(d) The 15th floor.

4. Which speech impediment is exaggerated whenever Wilhelm speaks with his dad?
(a) His slur.
(b) He doesn't have any speech impediments.
(c) His lisp.
(d) His stammer.

5. What do Dr. Adler and Mr. Perls think of Tamkin?
(a) They think he is a genius.
(b) They think he is a criminal.
(c) They think he is a cool cat.
(d) They think he is a fraud.

6. What does Wilhelm drink for breakfast?
(a) Orange juice.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Coca Cola.
(d) Water.

7. According to Tamkin, the best way to win in the market is to:
(a) Use lots of money to invest.
(b) Be aggressive.
(c) Use a psychological approach.
(d) Play it safe.

8. What is the name of the hotel where Wilhelm and Dr. Adler stay?
(a) The Waldorf Hotel.
(b) Hotel Gloriana.
(c) Hotel Ansonia.
(d) Hotel Glorious.

9. What does Wilhelm think of Mr. Perls?
(a) He thinks Mr. Perls is a wonderful old man.
(b) He dislikes Mr. Perls because he is very rude.
(c) He finds his look repulsive and resents his presence at breakfast.
(d) He thinks Mr. Perls is very wise.

10. Where did Wilhelm work as a sales executive?
(a) The Lojak Company.
(b) The Ajax Coporation.
(c) The Rojax Corporation.
(d) The Rolex Corporation.

11. Which of the following does Dr. Adler NOT prescribe for Wilhelm to feel better about himself?
(a) Massage.
(b) Steam baths.
(c) Exercise.
(d) Prescription drugs.

12. At breakfast, what does Wilhelm take that bothers his father?
(a) Pills.
(b) He doesn't take anything.
(c) Aspirin.
(d) Vitamins.

13. Wilhelm receives a complaint from Margaret about what?
(a) A postdated check.
(b) His dirty clothes.
(c) She wants him home with his family.
(d) An unpaid bill.

14. Who does Dr. Adler always boast about to his friends?
(a) He boasts about his children.
(b) He boasts about himself.
(c) He boasts about his late wife.
(d) He boasts about his former colleagues.

15. Why was Dr. Adler a success?
(a) Because his dad was rich.
(b) Because of dumb luck.
(c) Because he was smart.
(d) Because of hard work.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Margaret happy with the way things are?

2. What does Dr. Adler feel that Margaret is doing?

3. Where does Dr. Adler think Wilhelm should be living?

4. What meal do Wilhelm and his father share almost every day?

5. According to Wilhelm, which magazine featured an article on Dr. Tamkin?

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