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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Tamkin, the best way to win in the market is to:
(a) Be aggressive.
(b) Use lots of money to invest.
(c) Use a psychological approach.
(d) Play it safe.

2. According to Wilhelm, which magazine featured an article on Dr. Tamkin?
(a) Life magazine.
(b) Fortune magazine.
(c) The New Yorker magazine.
(d) Time magazine.

3. Who does Dr. Adler always boast about to his friends?
(a) He boasts about his children.
(b) He boasts about his former colleagues.
(c) He boasts about his late wife.
(d) He boasts about himself.

4. According to Dr. Adler, why has Wilhelm failed?
(a) Because Wilhelm is not smart.
(b) Because Wilhelm is just unlucky.
(c) Because Wilhelm is not a risk taker.
(d) Because Wilhelm is self-indulgent.

5. Who said, "Well, Wilky, here we are under the same roof again, after all these years"?
(a) Wilhelm.
(b) Dr. Adler.
(c) Rubin.
(d) Mr. Perls.

6. How does Dr. Adler feel about Wilhelm?
(a) He feels he should have been a psychiatrist.
(b) He feels he makes too much of his problems.
(c) He feels he is not really his son.
(d) He feels that Wilhelm is beyond the point of fixing anything in his life.

7. What is the name of the hotel where Wilhelm and Dr. Adler stay?
(a) Hotel Ansonia.
(b) Hotel Gloriana.
(c) Hotel Glorious.
(d) The Waldorf Hotel.

8. What keeps Wilhelm from letting his father have it?
(a) The respect Wilhelm has for his father.
(b) His father's weight.
(c) His father's age.
(d) A promise to his mother.

9. What does Margaret want Wilhelm to pay for in regard to their sons?
(a) Private school.
(b) Clothes for school.
(c) Soccer lessons.
(d) Education insurance policies her mother had taken out on the boys before she died.

10. When did Wilhelm leave college to go to Hollywood?
(a) In his junior year.
(b) In his senior year.
(c) In his freshman year.
(d) In his sophomore year.

11. What is Wilhelm's relationship to his wife, Margaret?
(a) They are married.
(b) They are separated.
(c) They are divorced.
(d) Their marriage was never official.

12. What does Dr. Adler feel that Margaret is doing?
(a) He feels that she's reaching out to Wilhelm in a loving way.
(b) He feels she's making unreasonable demands on Wilhelm so he'll come back to her.
(c) He feels she's being perfectly reasonable in her demands.
(d) He doesn't think about her at all.

13. What does Wilhelm think of his father's relationship with this mother?
(a) He thinks they were happily married.
(b) He thinks his father is her best friend.
(c) He thinks they were in love.
(d) He thinks father was just trying to get rid of her.

14. Why was Dr. Adler never around in Wilhelm's childhood?
(a) He was at the bar.
(b) He travelled a lot.
(c) He was always busy at the hospital or university.
(d) He was with his other family.

15. Although Wilhelm did not graduate from college, he sometimes lies and says he attended which institution?
(a) Harvard University.
(b) Mississippi State University.
(c) University of Pennsylvania.
(d) Pennsylvania State University.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who pressured Maurice Venice to give Wilhelm a shot at Hollywood?

2. What does Dr. Adler brag that Wilhelm's career is?

3. What does Dr. Adler refuse to help Wilhelm with?

4. According to Wilhelm, who would Dr. Adler like to be rid of?

5. Why is Wilhelm not divorced from Margaret?

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