Seize the Day Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the guests at the Hotel Gloriana.

Most of the guests are past the age of retirement at the Hotel Gloriana. They spend their days eating breakfast, getting massages, and using the hotel pool. They appear to lead lives of leisure.

2. Is Dr. Adler respected by the others at the Hotel? How do you know?

Dr. Adler is respected by the others. They are drawn to him because he is likable, dresses well, and was a very successful diagnostician.

3. Describe Wilhelm's appearance.

Wilhelm is tall and blond. He wears a hat and smokes a cigar, which makes it harder for people to discern how he feels. He was once good-looking, but has become careless about his appearance. He calls himself a "hippotamus."

4. How does Wilhelm end up meeting Rubin and Tamkin?

Wilhelm plays a weekly gin game with many of the guests of the hotel. He met both Rubin and Tamkin through this game.

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