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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is it too late for Wilhelm to make any decisions about Tamkin's character?
(a) Because Wilhelm has already made up his mind.
(b) Because Dr. Adler has already told Wilhelm not to trust him.
(c) Because Wilhelm is leaving the city and going home to his family.
(d) Because Wilhelm has already given him all his money.

2. Why doesn't Wilhelm have enough money for rent?
(a) Because he's spent it on psychology sessions with Dr. Tamkin.
(b) Because he's losing it all playing games of gin.
(c) Because he's buying clothes that are too expensive.
(d) Because he's invested it in the stock market.

3. Wilhelm recalls being sick with the flu. What did he ask Margaret to do for him while he was sick?
(a) Read poetry to him.
(b) Play gin with him.
(c) Leave him alone.
(d) Sing to him.

4. When defending his drugs because they give him a boost against certain things, Wilhelm stops just short of what word?
(a) Jubilation.
(b) Disappointment.
(c) Misery.
(d) Happiness.

5. What religion was Dr. Adler during Wilhelm's childhood?
(a) He was Jewish.
(b) He was Protestant.
(c) He was Catholic.
(d) He had no religion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Dr. Adler and Mr. Perls think of Tamkin?

2. What did Wilhelm sign that would give Tamkin the authority to speculate with his money?

3. How do Rubin and Wilhelm know each other?

4. Why did Wilhelm respond to the letter from the talent scout?

5. When Wilhelm needs peace and quiet, where does he go in his mind?

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