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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What floor does Mr. Perls live on in the hotel?
(a) The 15th floor.
(b) The 23rd floor.
(c) The 14th floor.
(d) Mr. Perls is just visiting the hotel.

2. Specifically, in which market do Tamkin and Wilhelm invest?
(a) They just invest in general.
(b) In the services market.
(c) In the products market.
(d) In the commodities market.

3. What approach does Dr. Tamkin convince Wilhelm to use in the stock market?
(a) A logical approach.
(b) A psychological approach.
(c) An historical approach.
(d) A statistical approach.

4. What keeps Wilhelm from letting his father have it?
(a) The respect Wilhelm has for his father.
(b) A promise to his mother.
(c) His father's weight.
(d) His father's age.

5. How much money does Wilhelm invest with Tamkin?
(a) $300.
(b) $1000.
(c) $1500.
(d) $700.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Wilhelm sign that would give Tamkin the authority to speculate with his money?

2. Who said the following: "Oh, Father, it's nice of you to give me this medical advice, but steam isn't going to cure what ails me."?

3. What does Wilhelm expect from his father that he can't seem to get?

4. What do Wilhelm and Tamkin do instead of going over to the market?

5. Which career does Wilhelm's mother want him to consider instead of acting?

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