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Robert Collier (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the British Secretary of State of the American colonies?
(a) Lord George Germain.
(b) Lord Fredrick Smith.
(c) Lord Steven Holligsworth.
(d) Lord Harvey Buckingham.

2. According to Collier, after the words "I AM" come what words?
(a) I WANT.
(b) I DID.
(d) I WILL.

3. Where was the MRA originated?
(a) Paris, France.
(b) Warsaw, Poland.
(c) Lisbon, Portugal.
(d) Oxford, England.

4. What is Point Five of Pelton's Seven Essential Points for Success?
(a) A strong will is mandatory for success.
(b) Always try to improve.
(c) Accepting risk is necessary.
(d) Don't waste time.

5. Regarding the question about eliminating doubts and fear, Collier responds that such negative emotions use what?
(a) Positive reserves.
(b) Desire Power.
(c) Too much brain power.
(d) A great deal of energy.

6. What is Point One of Pelton's Seven Essential Points for Success?
(a) Belief in the power of an idea.
(b) Always try to improve.
(c) Accepting risk is necessary.
(d) Plot to win.

7. In Part V, Chapter 20, Collier writes that after the creation of the written plan and the evaluation of absolutely everything that could be associated with the project, then the individual must be ready to approach the project with what?
(a) Renewed vigor.
(b) The Law of Ambition.
(c) Master Formula of Attainment.
(d) Creative Composition.

8. According to the author, most instances of a lack of Will are due to the Will having what?
(a) Been too strong.
(b) Been crushed.
(c) Having shifted.
(d) Lain dormant though lack of use.

9. Will is the expression of what in man, according to Collier?
(a) Ideas.
(b) Ego.
(c) Fortune.
(d) Intelligence.

10. The Greeks were facing demand for unconditional surrender from whom in Part VIII, Chapter 32?
(a) The Ottomans.
(b) The Romans.
(c) The Turks.
(d) The Persians.

11. Collier tells the reader not only to praise God, but to praise him when?
(a) Ahead of time.
(b) After favorable occurences.
(c) In times of poor health.
(d) Every Sunday.

12. By what age is the young couple in Collier's last example in Part VIII, Chapter 34 able to retire?
(a) 40.
(b) 35.
(c) 30.
(d) 45.

13. When was Jack London born?
(a) 1862.
(b) 1866.
(c) 1876.
(d) 1857.

14. The result of Jack London's formula for "storiettes" resulted in how many stock forms?
(a) 8.
(b) 6.
(c) 7.
(d) 5.

15. From what book is the excerpt which comprises Part VIII, Chapter 30?
(a) Harnessing Your Abilities.
(b) Inner Power.
(c) The Creed of the Conquering Chief.
(d) Great Men of Faith.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Albert Lewis Pelton start out?

2. What religious quote does Collier showcase in Part VI, Chapter 25?

3. The third step of the Master Formula of Attainment is to establish what?

4. Albert Lewis Pelton observes that much of mankind is not challenging their brain and as a result are living what?

5. The final example Collier gives in Part VIII, Chapter 34 is of a young couple who purchase what?

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