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Robert Collier (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the branch of mathematics concerned with analysis of random phenomena?
(a) Geometry.
(b) Probability theory.
(c) Phenominal algebra.
(d) Randomatics.

2. What uneducated men accomplished work that is still unequaled, according to Collier?
(a) The Greek philosophers.
(b) The Apostles.
(c) The Israelites.
(d) The Conquistadors.

3. Who said "Imagination is more important than knowledge"?
(a) John D. Rockefeller.
(b) Sir Isaac Newton.
(c) Albert Einstein.
(d) Henry Ford.

4. What is nothing more and nothing less than the belief in the impossible, according to the author of Part V, Chapter 15?
(a) Imagination.
(b) Faith.
(c) Religion.
(d) Science.

5. According to Collier, who is equipped with the necessary abilities to change his or her character, temperament, and habits, should they really wish to do so?
(a) Most people.
(b) A privileged few.
(c) All mankind.
(d) Some people.

6. What is the second component of Creativity, according to Collier?
(a) The ability to discern reality from fiction.
(b) Flexibility in the approach to solving the problem.
(c) To consider any and all possible solutions to the problem.
(d) The ability to sense and know that a problem exists.

7. The third rule of the Master Formula of Attainment is that "You may have anything you want, provided that you" what?
(a) Confidently expect to attain it.
(b) Think about it.
(c) Persistently determine to obtain it.
(d) Know exactly what you want.

8. According to Collier, most individuals have many desires, and they can often what?
(a) Develop into cancerous thoughts.
(b) Conflict with one another.
(c) Build a web of ambition.
(d) Develop into a single desire.

9. What term does Collier use for the process of creating a map on a large piece of paper with words and pictures detailing every last item of an individual's Dream?
(a) Goal Mapping.
(b) Treasure Mapping.
(c) Destiny Mapping.
(d) Creation Mapping.

10. Part V, Chapter 17 was reprinted from Dun's Review and Modern Industry in what year?
(a) 1952.
(b) 1962.
(c) 1957.
(d) 1958.

11. According to Collier, the strong desire inside each individual is responsible for that person's what?
(a) Outlook.
(b) Beliefs.
(c) Situation.
(d) Behavior.

12. What law states that in order for mental hunger to be manifested it must have ideals presented to the mind's eye?
(a) Master Formula of Attainment.
(b) Touchstone of Positivity.
(c) Law of Ambition.
(d) The Law of Improvement.

13. The second phase of Mental Attitude toward Financial Success is to look at what?
(a) The effect of one's attitude on the world.
(b) The effect of other people's attitudes on the world.
(c) The effect of the world on other people's attitudes.
(d) The effect of one's attitude on others.

14. The General Rule first asks the individual to develop a clear idea of his what?
(a) Future Life.
(b) Definite Purpose.
(c) Great Desire.
(d) Ultimate Goal.

15. Who was already a millionaire before he actually hired someone to give him the education he felt he needed?
(a) John D. Rockefeller.
(b) Henry Ford.
(c) Andrew Carnegie.
(d) Benjamin Franklin.

Short Answer Questions

1. The General Rule is constituted of how many steps?

2. What individual does Collier describe who won a contest put on by Nautilus Magazine in Part III, Chapter 9?

3. When did Robert Collier die?

4. What poem by Francis Thompson is cited in Part IV, Chapter 13?

5. What is the third component of Creativity, according to Collier?

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