Secret of the Ages Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert Collier (author)
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1. What is the first secret of Collier's multi-step system, describe in Part I, Chapter 1?

The first secret of Collier's multi-step system is that the conscious mind is the gatekeeper of all thoughts, especially those that will ultimately affect the superconscious mind. Knowing this, then using the conscious mind to control all thoughts, keeping out negative thoughts is the way to victory. Keeping out all thoughts of fear and worry will allow the mind to achieve anything at all.

2. How does Collier define the subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that allows the body to make calculations faster than any computer in the land. The subconscious mind is what repairs the body, operates the body, and keeps the body running without conscious thought or effort. The subconscious directs all of the vital processes of the body.

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