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Robert Collier (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part VIII, Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the MRA stand for?
(a) The Moral Re-Armament group.
(b) The Mainstream Religion Act.
(c) The Moral Religious Authority.
(d) The Many Religions Association.

2. Whose only truly great idea was to create a car that was affordable for the common man?
(a) Henry Ford.
(b) Karl Benz.
(c) John Chrysler.
(d) Christian Koenigsegg.

3. Who wrote the essay which comprises Part V, Chapter 15?
(a) Andrew Carnegie.
(b) Napoleon.
(c) Selwyn James.
(d) Robert Collier.

4. Who was the British Secretary of State of the American colonies?
(a) Lord Fredrick Smith.
(b) Lord George Germain.
(c) Lord Harvey Buckingham.
(d) Lord Steven Holligsworth.

5. Jack London created a formula wherein part one had a pair of lovers split apart, part two reunites them through some event or act, and then what happens in part three?
(a) Good triumphed over evil.
(b) The pair splits for good.
(c) The truth was revealed.
(d) Wedding bells rang.

Short Answer Questions

1. The fifth rule of the Master Formula of Attainment is that "You may have anything you want, provided that you" what?

2. The second step of the Master Formula of Attainment is to establish what?

3. What is nothing more and nothing less than the belief in the impossible, according to the author of Part V, Chapter 15?

4. What is defined as that including but not limited to Fear, Worry, Lack of Confidence?

5. According to Collier, few people actually know what?

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