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Robert Collier (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV, Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The third rule of the Master Formula of Attainment is that "You may have anything you want, provided that you" what?
(a) Persistently determine to obtain it.
(b) Think about it.
(c) Know exactly what you want.
(d) Confidently expect to attain it.

2. What refers to a spiritual movement which developed in the United States during the late 19th century and emphasizes metaphysical beliefs concerning the effects of positive thinking, the law of attraction, healing, life force, creative visualization, and personal power?
(a) New Truth.
(b) New Consciousness.
(c) New Reasoning.
(d) New Thought.

3. Expounding on his theory of belief, Collier insists that everything desired can be attained provided it is what?
(a) Earnestly desired.
(b) Others want it for you.
(c) Consciously attainable.
(d) Physically attainable.

4. The second phase of Mental Attitude toward Financial Success is to look at what?
(a) The effect of other people's attitudes on the world.
(b) The effect of one's attitude on others.
(c) The effect of the world on other people's attitudes.
(d) The effect of one's attitude on the world.

5. What is a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by the absence of cause of events that can be predicted?
(a) Fate.
(b) Randomness.
(c) Coincidence.
(d) Chance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What refers to survivors in the struggle for existence, the only desires that remain after careful reflection of all desires in one's life?

2. According to Collier, in order to be successful an individual must be a careful guardian of his Mental Attitude, by incorporating ideas and behaviors that are what?

3. The fourth rule of the Master Formula of Attainment is that "You may have anything you want, provided that you" what?

4. According to Collier, one's what is constantly changing, being influenced by and influencing one's surroundings and those around them?

5. One example the author uses in Part IV, Chapter 10 involves a boy who is given an object his grandmother says was carried by his grandfather when?

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