Secret of the Ages Character Descriptions

Robert Collier (author)
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Robert Collier

This prolific writer who once studied to be a priest also worked as a mining engineer, an advertising executive and a publisher. Of the many books he wrote and published, "The Secret of the Ages" is considered to be his absolute best.

Albert Lewis Pelton

This man who lived during the author's time was also involved in publishing self-help books and pamphlets. His only problem in the beginning was that he lacked the money to get the book published.

William James

This Harvard psychologist estimated that the average man uses only about ten percent of his potential mental power, leaving a full ninety percent of the brain ignored and unused.

George Barber

This individual wrote a book called "Making Good" which included a series of statistics stating that out of every hundred men of the age of twenty-five, only sixty-six will live to be sixty-five years...

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