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Short Answer Questions

1. What special meaning does Trantor have for Arcadia?

2. Arcadia tells Callia that there are rumors about Kalgan becoming an empire, but the only possible way is for what to happen?

3. What information does Arcadia overhear Palver telling Momma?

4. Who is Stettin talking to when first introduced in 10-12?

5. What character was once an admiral in the Kalgan navy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Merius and Stettin seek the help of Homir at the end of 10-12?

2. Why does Dr. Darrell consider the Second Foundation an enemy? What made him realize this?

3. What is Callia's explanation for why no one is allowed to enter into the Mule's palace? Has Stettin entered the palace according to Callia?

4. In 16-18, what does Dr. Darell want from Seimic? What is Seimic's response?

5. What two orders does Stettin send out after Callia manipulates him into thinking he has a chance to start an empire?

6. What does Callia do for Arcadia in her private chamber? What does Arcadia see as Callia flees the room?

7. Why is the Imperial Library an important place to Arcadia?

8. What secret does Anthor reveal about the Lieutenant Dirige to Dr. Darell?

9. How does Arcadia escape from being discovered after she is announced as a wanted fugitive?

10. How has Kalgan changed since the Mule's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It is difficult to define a standout hero or villain in "Second Foundation" because the author does not present such a figure to the reader. Please respond to the following with supporting evidence from the story:

1) What character is the most like a hero in the story? What happens at the end of the novel to make the reader think otherwise?

2) The Mule is presented to be a villain. His motivation to further the Seldon Plan is one of the few representations of a valid motive in the story. What is the author saying about societies' views on misunderstanding other people?

3) How is the Second Foundation simultaneously represented as a protagonist and antagonist in the book?

Essay Topic 2

The tone of the novel has an important effect on a reader's reading experience. "Second Foundation" is solemn in its content and tone. Please respond to the following with supporting evidence from the book:

1) How does Asimov establish the serious tone of the novel from the beginning of the book?

2) What are the major themes of the book and how do these themes affect the tone of the story?

3) Does the serious tone of "Second Foundation" help to accentuate the way the reader perceives the story?

Essay Topic 3

The author was decidedly involved in education and academics and this real life influence is clearly represented throughout the novel. Respond to the following with supporting evidence from the book:

1) How did Asimov's life in education influence the book?

2) How do characters involved in academics, such as Homir and Seimic influence the events of the novel?

3) What is Asimov saying about the importance of education by having highly educated characters as the leaders of a rebellious group trying to overthrow a dominant organization?

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