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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Arcadia an important figure to Stettin and Kalgan?

2. Why does Stettin say the treasury is struggling?

3. How does Dr. Darell react to Arcadia's note?

4. What does Melius try to persuade Stettin to do?

5. Who is fighting in the war at the beginning of 16-18?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Arcadia hide while about Homir's ship? Why does she decide to come out of her hiding spot?

2. How does Dr. Darell soothe Anthor's worries about Arcadia's disappearance?

3. Why is Dr. Darell caught in a no-win situation in 16-18?

4. Why do Merius and Stettin seek the help of Homir at the end of 10-12?

5. How has Kalgan changed since the Mule's death?

6. How does Arcadia convince Palver to go to the Foundation and deliver a message for her?

7. In 16-18, what does Dr. Darell want from Seimic? What is Seimic's response?

8. What secret does Anthor reveal about the Lieutenant Dirige to Dr. Darell?

9. What are Stettin's reasonings for going to war that he describes to Merius?

10. What is Dr. Darell thinking about at the beginning of 16-18? Why does he decide to stay in his current course of action?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is confusion throughout the novel on whether or not a character is acting upon their own free will or by the manipulations of a controlling force. Please respond to the following with supporting evidence from the story:

1) Arcadia is a rebellious teenager who acts upon her own desires and yet it is revealed that she has been under the influence of the Second Foundation since being a baby. Has her free will been her own or a part of the Second Foundation's conditioning?

2) How does Asimov use the character of the Lieutenant from Kalgan to prove that free will is a fallacy in the society of "Second Foundation"?

3) What is the author's purpose in portraying free will as something that might just be part of a larger influential control?

Essay Topic 2

Arcadia Darell plays a pivotal role in the events of the novel, yet she is only a 14 year old girl. Please respond to the following with support from "Second Foundation."

1) What attributes does Asimov give Arcadia that represent adolescence in a positive way?

2) What attributes does Asimov give Arcadia that represent adolescence in a negative way?

3) What is Asimov saying about the ability of teenagers to influence society and their community as illustrated in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

The literary tool of satire is employed by the author throughout the novel, using vile dictators and smug warlords for starters. Respond to the following with supporting evidence from the novel:

1) In what ways does Asimov satire governments in "Second Foundation"?

2) How does the author lampoon dictators who lust for power through the rule and downfall of the Mule?

3) What aspect of the novel's satire illustrates the author's view on his political climate?

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