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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After departing from Callia, what does Arcadia realize as she leaves for the Spaceport?
(a) She has left Homir behind.
(b) Her father is a spy.
(c) She knows the location of the Second Foundation.
(d) She is in love with Anthor.

2. In 10-12 what does Dr. Darell's message to Homir say?
(a) For Arcadia to have a good time.
(b) To kill the Mule.
(c) To suceed on the mission.
(d) To bring Arcadia home.

3. What reason does Stettin give for Homir not to enter the Mule's palace?
(a) There is a curse upon the location.
(b) Arcadia is not old enough to enter.
(c) The Kalgan population will not like it.
(d) Callia will get frightened.

4. How does the author describe Callia?
(a) Plump and dimwitted.
(b) Younger than Arcadia.
(c) Beautiful.
(d) Skinny and tall.

5. Why does Anthor think that the Second Foundation arranged Arcadia's escape?
(a) Because she is innocent.
(b) They wanted Acradia back with the Foundation.
(c) She is a chosen child.
(d) Her father is a powerful man.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has been ruling Kalgan since the Mule's death?

2. Who is Stettin's mistress?

3. Seimic tells Dr. Darell that he would need what to build him what he wants?

4. With whom did Arcadia leave as recounted by the Lieutenant?

5. In 13-15, what relationship does Stettin want with Arcadia?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Anthor try to convice Dr. Darell to go to Trantor?

2. How has Kalgan changed since the Mule's death?

3. Why is Arcadia so excited to meet Lady Callia?

4. Why is Anthor upset that Arcadia has disappeared?

5. Why does Dr. Darrell consider the Second Foundation an enemy? What made him realize this?

6. Why is Dr. Darell caught in a no-win situation in 16-18?

7. How does Arcadia convince Palver to go to the Foundation and deliver a message for her?

8. What is appealing to Stettin about Arcadia's heritage? What does Stettin want Arcadia to become for him?

9. What secret does Anthor reveal about the Lieutenant Dirige to Dr. Darell?

10. What two orders does Stettin send out after Callia manipulates him into thinking he has a chance to start an empire?

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