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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Channis decide to land the ship at the end of 1-3?
(a) Kalgan.
(b) The location of the Second Foundation.
(c) A planet near Tazender called Rossem.
(d) Earth.

2. Why are the Rossem elders so excited at the beginning of 4-6?
(a) They rarely get visitors.
(b) They have found mineral deposits.
(c) The have never seen humans.
(d) They are insane.

3. What is Pritcher's immediate reaction upon first meeting Channis?
(a) Pure joy.
(b) Severe dislike.
(c) Embarassment.
(d) Attraction.

4. At the start of the book, who is the leader of the galaxy?
(a) Pritchard.
(b) Channis.
(c) The Mule.
(d) Seldon.

5. How does Channis gain the upper hand against the Mule in their confrontation on Rossem?
(a) He is physically stronger.
(b) He uses a slight of hand.
(c) He turns off the lights as a surprise.
(d) He reconditions Pritchard's mind back to its previous state.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who set up two scientific locations three hundred years prior as recounted in "Second Foundation"?

2. What happens to Pritchard as he has disloyal thoughts?

3. Where is the Second Foundation said to be in 1-3?

4. Pritchard describes the people of Rossem in what way?

5. Channis states that he does not fear what in 1-3?

Short Essay Questions

1. Toward the end of 1-3, what does the technician find in the ship and what is Channis' response?

2. What is Arcadia's reaction when she sees the man at her window?

3. What do Dr. Darell and Anthor do for the week after Anthor's arrival? How does this help with Anthor's disguise?

4. How does Channis describe the people of Rossem?

5. When Pritchard grows fearful and begins to think about his life before the Mule conditioned his mind, how does he react?

6. How does Channis describe the planet that is likely to be home to the Second Foundation?

7. In 4-6, how does the Mule know that Channis is a Second Foundationer?

8. How does the Mule admit defeat? What happens after the Mule's defeat?

9. Why did the Seldon Plan fail as described by the author?

10. Why does Pritchard pull a gun on Channis? What are his reasons for accusing Channis of this crime?

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