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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 16-18, who does Anthor bring to the meeting with Dr. Darell?
(a) The Mule.
(b) The Lieutenant from Kalgan.
(c) HIs wife.
(d) His college professor.

2. What was Kalgan described as being before the Mule took over?
(a) A barren wasteland.
(b) A great metropolis.
(c) The pleasure capital of the galaxy.
(d) A minefield.

3. Where does the Lieutenant tell Dr. Darell Arcadia went?
(a) Kalgan.
(b) Rossem.
(c) Trantor.
(d) Earth.

4. In 13-15 why does Homir worry about his newly granted access to the Mule's palace?
(a) He is afraid for Arcadia's safety.
(b) He feels there is something underhanded happening.
(c) He knows that it is a trap.
(d) He is worried about the curse.

5. Why does Dr. Darell think his daughter will be alright on her journey to Kalgan?
(a) She will get scared and come home soon.
(b) She has Homir to protect her.
(c) She knows how to fight.
(d) She is intelligent and thought things through.

6. How does Callia leave her private chambers, departing from Arcadia?
(a) Hysterically crying.
(b) Slowly walking away.
(c) Arms across her face, running.
(d) Laughing.

7. At the end of 13-15, why does Arcadia believe that the Lieutenant let her go on purpose?
(a) He knew Momma from his youth.
(b) He was unable to read her papers.
(c) He thought she was beautiful.
(d) A Lieutenant would never accept a bribe.

8. Why does Dr. Darell think his daughter is dead?
(a) There has been no word from her.
(b) She left a suicide note.
(c) He misinterprets Anthor's message.
(d) Anthor tells him she died.

9. Why does Stettin say the treasury is struggling?
(a) He is spending all the money.
(b) People are stealing.
(c) The navy is too big.
(d) The population is too big.

10. At the end of 10-12, who does Stettin think can help him?
(a) Arcadia.
(b) The Mule.
(c) Callia.
(d) Homir.

11. Why does Dr. Darell refuse to go to Trantor?
(a) He does not want any such advice from Anthor.
(b) He hates his daughter.
(c) He thinks that is what the Second Foundation wants him to do.
(d) He is scared of flying.

12. What does the note say that Poli gives Dr. Darell?
(a) Arcadia hates her father.
(b) Arcadia has gone to Kalgan with Uncle Homir.
(c) Arcadia is in love with Anthor.
(d) Arcadia has run away to get married.

13. At the start of 16-18, what is the only thing that Dr. Darell can think about?
(a) The safety of his daughter.
(b) Defeating the Foundation.
(c) His work at the university.
(d) Arcadia's wedding.

14. How does Arcadia imagine Callia to be?
(a) Shorty.
(b) Wealthy.
(c) Old.
(d) Intelligent.

15. After departing from Callia, what does Arcadia realize as she leaves for the Spaceport?
(a) She has left Homir behind.
(b) She knows the location of the Second Foundation.
(c) She is in love with Anthor.
(d) Her father is a spy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Arcadia want to see the Imperial Library?

2. Arcadia tells Callia that there are rumors about Kalgan becoming an empire, but the only possible way is for what to happen?

3. What does Dr. Darell decide to do after learning that his daughter is safe?

4. How does Pappa persuade the Lieutenant to overlook Arcadia's papers?

5. Why does Lord Stettin say there is an opportunity for him to build the groundwork for a new empire?

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