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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Darell decide to do after learning that his daughter is safe?
(a) Pursue his career at the university.
(b) Go home and rest.
(c) Go search for her.
(d) Shake hands with Anthor.

2. Seimic tells Dr. Darell that he would need what to build him what he wants?
(a) Twenty nuclear bombs.
(b) A million credits.
(c) 10 years time.
(d) 50 hyper relays.

3. What information does Arcadia overhear Palver telling Momma?
(a) Arcadia's father is a spy.
(b) They are planning to kill Arcadia.
(c) There is a war between the Foundation and Kalgan.
(d) Arcadia's father is dead.

4. With whom does Arcadia settle while on Trantor?
(a) Anthor's family.
(b) Momma and Preem Palver.
(c) The Rossem elders.
(d) Her father.

5. Why does Dr. Darell tell Seimic not to tell anyone else of their plans in 16-18?
(a) So as not to implicate anyone else.
(b) So that no one can ruin his plan.
(c) Because he is nervous.
(d) Because Arcadia is in danger.

6. What character was once an admiral in the Kalgan navy?
(a) Anthor.
(b) Dr. Darell.
(c) Lord Stettin.
(d) Pritchard.

7. After departing from Callia, what does Arcadia realize as she leaves for the Spaceport?
(a) She is in love with Anthor.
(b) She has left Homir behind.
(c) She knows the location of the Second Foundation.
(d) Her father is a spy.

8. How does Arcadia imagine Callia to be?
(a) Wealthy.
(b) Shorty.
(c) Intelligent.
(d) Old.

9. What does Melius try to persuade Stettin to do?
(a) Not to go to war.
(b) Destroy Rossem.
(c) Marry Arcadia.
(d) Kill Lady Callia.

10. In 13-15, what are Arcadia's emotions about visiting Callia?
(a) Embarassed.
(b) Scornful.
(c) Excited.
(d) Scared.

11. Why is Arcadia upset at herself toward the end of 13-15?
(a) She is homesick.
(b) She has been made to look like a little girl.
(c) She lied to her friend.
(d) She has never not had money in her life.

12. Why does Anthor disagree with Dr. Darell's viewpoint of Arcadia's note?
(a) Anthor thinks Arcadia can jeopardize the mission.
(b) Dr. Darell is insane.
(c) Anthor cares about Arcadia's safety.
(d) Dr. Darell is a bad father.

13. What does the note say that Poli gives Dr. Darell?
(a) Arcadia hates her father.
(b) Arcadia is in love with Anthor.
(c) Arcadia has run away to get married.
(d) Arcadia has gone to Kalgan with Uncle Homir.

14. In 10-12, why will Homir's motives in going to Kalgan be less suspicious?
(a) Because the mission is secret.
(b) Because Arcadia is with him.
(c) Because Anthor is going to lie to the authorities.
(d) Because Dr. Darell bribed important people.

15. Why does Arcadia decide Homir is asleep while she is onboard the ship?
(a) She hears him snoring.
(b) She saw him take a sleeping pill.
(c) She only hears silence.
(d) All the lights are turned off.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has been ruling Kalgan since the Mule's death?

2. How does the author describe Callia?

3. In 13-15, what does Arcadia think she saw on Callia's face for an instant as Callia fled?

4. What is Dr. Darell doing at the beginning of 10-12?

5. What is Stettin's response to Callia when she tells him that Arcadia said he was going to make an empire?

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