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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the Mule specialist?
(a) Dr. Darell.
(b) Anthor.
(c) Channis.
(d) Homir Munn.

2. What is the first thing that Pritchard and Channis do in 4-6?
(a) Kill the plantet's leader.
(b) Meet with the Rossem elders.
(c) Wage a war.
(d) Fall asleep.

3. What number book in the Foundation Series is "Second Foundation"?
(a) First.
(b) Fourth.
(c) Third.
(d) Second.

4. What type of lifestyle does Channis describe the people of Rossem leading?
(a) Confused.
(b) Unhealthy.
(c) Healthy.
(d) Slothful.

5. How does the Mule know that Channis is a Second Foundationer?
(a) Someone betrayed Channis.
(b) Channis has a secret tattoo.
(c) Channis can resist the Mule's mind control.
(d) The Mule can read his thoughts.

6. Pritcher was originally part of what organization?
(a) The Alliance.
(b) The Second Foundation.
(c) The Foundation.
(d) The Urban Rebellion.

7. What reason does Arcadia give her father for Anthor's visit?
(a) To get money.
(b) To kill Dr. Darell.
(c) To marry Arcadia.
(d) To discuss the Second Foundation.

8. What is the name of the boy Arcadia befriends?
(a) Olynthus.
(b) Clawson.
(c) Neptune.
(d) Hercules.

9. What does Dr. Darell do with Anthor for the next seven days after Anthor's arrival?
(a) Have him date Arcadia.
(b) Tour the city.
(c) Train him in his laboratory.
(d) Hide him in the house.

10. In 1-3, what reason does the Mule give Channis for wanting him to find the Second Foundation?
(a) To unite all scientists.
(b) To grow the army of Kalgan.
(c) To conquer and enslave.
(d) To donate money.

11. In 4-6, why does Channis say that he was picked to work for the Mule even though he is unconditioned?
(a) The Mule is his father.
(b) The Mule can trust him.
(c) He cannot lie.
(d) He loves his family.

12. On what planet does the novel begin?
(a) Saturn.
(b) Earth.
(c) Rossem.
(d) Kalgan.

13. What reason does Arcadia give to know that her father was expecting a visitor?
(a) He sent the maid on holiday and made a spare bed.
(b) He told Arcadia the news.
(c) She heard it on the radio.
(d) There is a rumor in town.

14. In 4-6, who is described as knowing that Pritchard and Channis were coming and has already arranged to arrive in Rossem?
(a) The Governor of Tazenda.
(b) The Mule.
(c) The First Speaker.
(d) The ship's doctor.

15. What does the First Speaker condition the Mule's mind to believe?
(a) The Second Foundation does not exist.
(b) The First Speaker is his father.
(c) Pritchard betrayed him.
(d) Channis is the new leader.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does the Mule give for knowing that the Second Foundation actually exists?

2. When does Pritchard grow fearful in 4-6?

3. What advice does Anthor tell Dr. Darell to do if a man ever wants to marry Arcadia?

4. Who is the first character introduced in 7-9?

5. Who does the Mule send to accompany Prichard's final mission?

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